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Laura Waldman offers professional astrology readings about relationships, spiritual growth, finances, career, family, geographic relocation (astrocartography), and life coaching. She brings wisdom, counseling experience, and nurturing humor to her astrological consultations. Her honest sensible perspective has delighted and inpired clients for decades.

February-March Astrology News 2013

My Dear Readers and Friends,

Please make good use of the quiet time we are in. Note that Mercury Retrogrades between Saturday February 23rd and Sunday March 17th. Read all about it below. I am always grateful when you share my newsletters with your friends by forwarding or Facebook. Your recommendations are what keep my business thriving!



Pisces DolphinsHave you been aimless, befuddled, longing to nap? Do you feel that change is coming for you but you don’t have clarity about your desires? Relax, we are experiencing 5 placements is Pisces and after February 26 Venus joins the crew, so half of the indicators most astrologers look at will be in Pisces!

As the final sign of the zodiac Pisces energy is about Let Go and Let God, big-time. Your conscious mind and your physical energy do not work in direct worldly ways. Remember the symbol for Pisces is fish swimming in opposite directions. Swirl and spiral inward and tune in to the cosmos. You may find that tears come to your eyes more frequently because Pisces is a compassionate sensitive sign. We are completing many cycles and require solitude, reverie, patience and creativity to empty our energy field. The more you let go of now, the stronger your new desires and actions will be when the time comes to move into your future this April and May.

I can remember many times when I have whined, “OK, How do I surrender? Tell yourself, “I have done my best and I can’t control the outcome.”  If you regret what you did, repair it if possible and make your apologies and amends. If you constructed something in your life and you see that it is not right for you, make a list of everything that you have learned and be grateful for it. Clear the decks and wait for the inspiration, or be honest with yourself about ignoring your true inspiration. Acceptance is the key to all of your difficulties.

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Although I've been referred to as "Laura Waldman, astrologist", I thought I'd share with you correct name for the profession, which is astrologer :)