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Dear friends,

I hope you are enjoying the New Year. Classes in Austin start in 2 weeks. Please read about the WOMEN’S DREAM CIRCLE and the BEGINNING LEVEL ASTROLOGY CLASS below.


At Christmas time Venus, the planet of relationships, negotiation, and pleasure met up with Chiron, the asteroid that brings healing and catapults us into a new consciousness. Venus meets slow moving Chiron about once a year, but they haven’t met in Aquarius since 1961. We are working with a new template for the next 4 years. We will examine the wounds of relationships are that are overly intellectual or too emotionally detached... The potentiality of this match is good for friendship, idealism, and freedom in love relationships. In a larger scope, it brings gifts of the feminine into politics. Sheryl Crow is an example of someone with Venus in Aquarius- friendly and edgy and freedom loving...

But, whoa up there, pardner. Just as Venus and Chiron made their liberating titillating match, Venus turned backwards and re-entered the sign of Capricorn on January 1st. We have to go back into shadow and do our homework in this careful reserved sign. James Dean had Venus in Capricorn. Remember those pained looks on his face when he was making out with Natalie Wood? Remember how he carried the torch for Elizabeth Taylor in “Giant”?

The movie Brokeback Mountain is a good metaphor for this time. An unconventional love that begins in spontaneous innocence is stifled by social convention, life responsibilities and guilt. It is destroyed by hateful oppression based on social and religious norms.

When Venus is retrograde we tend to pull back from relating in love and business and consider things very carefully or have second thoughts. Capricorn is an especially cautious sign. If your love relationship has become rigid or dull, if you are really only together to afford your lifestyle, you will want to re-prioritize your goals. If one person is primarily supporting the social status of the match and not doing his/her own dream, or if someone is unhappy about the power behind the throne, relations may be strained or break up.

People are more wary and inhibited at this time. If you are single and have ever lost your mind in a wild romance (who hasn’t?) you may be revising your manifestation list for a lover to include stability, reliability and devoted communication skills to work at commitment. These traits are the positive gift of Capricorn energy.

If you have been so overly careful about love that you shut down your energy field and ignored or repelled people who might offer love, you will feel the pain of living in fear. Because we visit old patterns in a retrograde, you may find yourself attracted to someone in a dysfunctional way that you thought you were done with a long time ago. Step back and consciously observe what still needs healing. After a serious cost- benefit analysis, you may decline or you may try your pattern one more time, with a different awareness. Sometimes the Karma isn’t over until it’s over. Sometimes old loves re-unite and are ready in a current level of maturity to see things through and share the varied journey of life.

On February 2 Venus moves forward and we can integrate new clarity about mutual responsibilities in relating. Mark you calendar for March 13 when Venus joins Chiron in Aquarius again. Do a ceremony asking spirit for something new and progressive with love, with self-esteem, and throw in money too!

The Women’s Dream Circle will meet on Sunday Evenings for 6 weeks, January 22-February 26 from 6-8 pm. We will journal and share our dreams and use these deep messages to empower ourselves, validate our inner guidance, and meet our lives gracefully. You need absolutely no knowledge of Astrology to participate. Your dreams reflect your current astrological transits so I can use that information as my contribution to the feedback we all share. The investment is $135. Call 291-8299.

Beginning Level Experiential Astrology Classes will start on Thursday January 26 and run for 6 weeks. We will use music, movement, and role-play as an adjunct to lecture for learning the nature of the Signs and Planets and how they are arranged on an Astrology Chart. There will be some brief, fun reading assignments. The time is 7 to 9 pm. The investment is $135. Call 291-8299 for details.


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