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Come see me speak at the Astrological Society of Austin Panel - Predictions for 2009 on Thursday January 15, 2009. The Women’s Dream Circle will begin on Sunday February 1. See details below. Thanks for sharing this Newsletter with anyone who might be interested.


Jupiter enters Aquarius - The Grace of Community

Have you felt a different vibe since January 5th? I went to a meetup.com group that usually has 12 or so attending and there were 40 people there. Facebook invitations are going off the map. People are saying, “I have nothing left to lose, I might as well do what I have always wanted to do.” Aquarius is the sign of radical restructuring, alliances, technology, and the future in general. Jupiter is the dreamer, philosopher and amplifer. This month kicks off a year of reinvention, experimentation and humanitarian efforts. Obama, the genius of community organization has his Jupiter and his Rising Sign in Aquarius. When his outer personality is activated in early March, he is going to come out blazing with fresh ideas and consensus building. The Age of Aquarius promises that the spiritual evolution of individuals is reflected in political ideology. Develop and direct your tribe this year. We must each include participation for the good of humanity in our daily actions. 

The last time Jupiter was in Aquarius was 12 years ago, under the weird twin tails of Comet Hale-Bopp.

We saw movies about quirky friendships such as As Good as It Gets, and Good Will Hunting. Aquarians are the most accepting and fair-minded people in the zodiac personality typing. They find anyone fascinating and love to collect friends and bring people together. This inclusiveness will be a general theme this year. Aquarians don’t get very involved in personal emotional tangles. However, they are passionate about social causes. During the last pass of Jupiter in Aquarius, movies such as Amistad, about a revolt aboard an African slave ship and Kundun, the story of the Dalai Lama up to his flight into India reflected the spirit of freedom from oppression that this time carries. 

Aquarius is the sign of the future so it corresponds with science and technology. There may be some astounding inventions and breakthroughs announced this year. Perhaps technological advancement will be used to benefit our societies and the Earth. The life changing technologies and information will probably come from individual maverick geniuses who are not subsidized by the government, corporations or universities. 

Reboot and explore outside the box. Pique your curiosity, share your life, and act out of character. You don’t have to go looking for these things. Aquarian energy is very stimulating, spontaneous, and compelling. Indulge your highest ideals and have fun! Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!  

Dalai Lama: I believe I am a reflection, like the moon on water. When you see me, and I try to be a good man, you see yourself.    -Kundun 


Mercury the communication planet turns in on itself from January 11 until February 1. It stationed in the sign of Aquarius and will re-visit part of Capricorn. Triple confirm all of your appointments, keep an extra set of car keys handy and be patient with computer crashes. It is not an auspicious time to buy cars or electronics or to sign important contracts. It will be causing snafus during the Presidential Inauguration when millions of people are visiting Washington. It will be good if it delays the ceremony, because shortly after the scheduled time, the Moon moves into the idealistic truth telling sign of Sagittarius and it would be a better chart for running the government. Use these weeks to complete old projects and clean up files. Commune with yourself in meditation or reverie and integrate information that you have previously received. 

A.S.A Predictions for 2009 Panel  

Join me, a Vedic Astrologer, Mayan Astrologer, and Traditional Ancient Methods Astrologer to hear our prognostications for the year.

Thursday January 15, 2009
7-9 pm
Plum Blossom Wellness Center
1700 South Lamar Blvd. Suite 230

Free of Charge

Women’s Dream Circle

Sundays from 5:00 to 7:00 we will meet at my home in Southwest Austin for 6 weeks beginning February 1 through March 8. The investment for the class is $150. 
We will explore night-time dreams we have journaled, support each
other's trust in our intuition and inner guidance, and share our powerful
gifts. We always have an amazing group of women and lots of growth in our lives.  My contribution includes interpretations based on your current astrological  transits that show up symbolically in your dream images. You need absolutely no  knowledge of astrology to participate in the Dream Circles. Call 291-8299. e-mail: astromaven@prodigy.net or laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com 




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