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Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce my first tele-conference event "Predictions for 2011" on Saturday afternoon, January 29th.   In Austin, I am doing a "Predictions Salon" including individual divination mini-readings for you who attend on Saturday February 5th. Please invite your friends.


Boot Up Your New Life

For the last four years, the planets have challenged us and put everyone up against the wall in some respect. We learned about faith, fortitude, strength and surrender. The good news for 2011 is that we are out of the "box canyon" and now our river of life will have a broader and freer flow.

Three scenarios for action are operating in January. All of the planets are moving forward until January 26th. This phenomenon happens only about once every year or two. We are looking ahead and raring to go. Until January 22, we still have a strong Pisces influence, so the purpose may still be forming. Let that be OK and trust that if you keep your vibration high and practice assurance, clear ideas for action will start to form at the end of the month. You still have time to clean your slate with forgiveness and give gratitude for all the learning and grace you mustered up to navigate the last few years. Accept that Spirit always has a good plan for you and be willing to follow guidance. From your sacred stillness, our New World is open for creation.

On January 22nd  an important once-in-a-12-year cycle continues as Jupiter moves into the freshest, most active sign - Aries. We experienced this energy from early June to early September in 2010. The swirling amorphous energy of Pisces is still so strong this New Year that we may feel spaced out and inspired now and not sure we can recall the burst of energy from last summer or design the steps to take now. Soon we will return to potent desires and mobilize into bold actions. It will be natural to expand and express yourself vigorously.  Challenge will be enjoyable and fun. You will naturally feel gutsy. Do keep in mind that you desire to play fair, and choose the most important irons in the fire to concentrate your energy.

On January 15th Mars enters the sign of Aquarius to prod us into spontaneous, innovative, exciting actions. Every year, some of the planets go through Aquarius in the winter, but Mars, the "spur" planet does not necessarily join them. This year we have a good month-long dance that will inspire us to connect with communities and the world to improve our planet and revivify our lives. Mars stays in Aquarius until February 22nd. The first week of February a lot of harmony and good will be available for new avenues of  progress in groups and diplomacy in politics. Celebrate your individuality and contribute to joint enterprises.

Chris RockComedian Chris Rock has three planets in Aquarius and two planets in Aries. His outrageous "in your face" style is both exhilarating and obnoxious. His wit and political consciousness comes through, even when his shows or movies are silly slapstick. He is impertinent, outlandish, and loves to risk, whether he hits or misses. He is an energetic dynamo who captures any scene he is in. In the action flick Bad Company he plays a street hustler who the CIA pegs to stand-in for his highly educated elegant twin brother. Both Aries and Aquarius carry an innocence that is a trademark for Rock's characters. This is not great cinema, but I got a lot of laughs out of it. Let Chris inspire you to be brash and authentic this winter and spring.

Astrology Predictions 2011

Predictions Telephone Conference

Saturday January 29
4:00- 5:30 pm CST

More details soon- watch your email.

The year ahead holds great possibility for change and spiritual growth in your life. I will describe the energy, how to apply it, what to avoid and how to maximize it. I will make some references to long-term cycles and the emphasis will be direct application to your life. There will be a question and answer period.


In-Person Predictions Salon
Austin, TX

Saturday February 5
3:30 -5:30 pm
$30- a reservation is required
My home in Southwest Austin

Attendance limited to 15 people only

I will present the information described above, then give brief individual divination readings to answer your personal questions. I will draw numbers for the order chosen, and we will decree that each answer will assist everyone in the group.

Call me at 291-8299 or email astromaven@prodigy.net



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