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January Astrology News 2012

Dear Friends,

My Predictions Salon in Austin is in two weeks and the reservations are filling fast! See the details below. I trust that all of us will have a memorable, free, and joyful year in 2012. "You ain't seen nothing yet!" I am very grateful when you share this newsletter with your friends.


Back to the Drawing Board- Mars Retrograde in Virgo

Have you been a busy bee lately? Are you working methodically in hot pursuit of a project? Are you easily motivated to clean and organize your environments for the last 2 months? You are right on time.
 Relish the joy of productivity and keep going until January 23d. On that day, Mars, our active willful initiator planet will turn backwards.

Then until April 14 we will naturally curb our enthusiasm and make adjustments and revisions to the ground we gained since early November. If your projects hit a snag or your physical energy level drops, it is a cycle of course-correction. Objective analysis is better than harsh criticism but your mind may be somewhat mushy. Misunderstandings are common and patience is required. We have a chance to learn about our unconscious motivations. In this challenge, colored by the sign of Virgo, you may feel judgmental or passive-aggressive. If you hear your mind zinging sniper thoughts to yourself or others remember that there is a difference between discernment and perfectionism. He who goes on the offensive at this time loses.

You can always go into your heart and soul and practice acceptance as you honor yourself and the ebb and flow of natural planetary rhythms. Virgo reminds me of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White, industriously working in the mines. You may feel like Dopey of Grumpy for a few months.

Seven Dwarfs

Mars corresponds to desire and in Virgo to health practices and keeping daily order. In a retrograde we may introject stress or anger in a way that affects the body, so time for relaxation and renewal is important. If you were gung-ho on an exercise routine since last fall you may choose to modify it and come into balance. Let it be OK if your discipline slacks. We are supposed to be resting and re-grouping.

From April 14 to July 4th we return to a clear pathway of ease for our motivated work. 
“Everybody neat and pretty?
“Neat and pretty”
“Then on with the show!”

Austin 2012 Predictions Salon

Saturday January 21
3:00 - 5:30 pm
$35- a reservation is required.

Email astromaven@prodigy.net or call 291-8299
Location: My home in Southwest Austin
Attendance will be 12 people only

Well, here we are! It is 2012. This year will be amazing for everyone. What will it hold for us personally and for the world in general? As always my mission is to be humorous and inspiring. I will present my talk, then give brief individual divination readings to answer your personal questions. I will draw numbers for the order chosen, and we will decree that each answer will assist everyone in the group. Please call or email to reserve your space and I will give my address for you to send a check, or use the paypal button below.

Please call or email to reserve your space and I will give my address for you to send a check, or REGISTER NOW with paypal here:

Laura Waldman AstrologerCall me at (512) 291-8299
or email astromaven@prodigy.net



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