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Chiron Enters Aquarius February '05 - April 2010

Shake Rattle and Roll- Chiron in Aquarius
The maverick asteroid Chiron enters the sign of Aquarius on February 21 and will stay there for 6 years. Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Once we let go of our wounds and stop taking life personally, Chiron acts as a window to the elevated consciousness of the future. Chiron focuses our attention on injuries. As human beings we need to have whatever is wrong shoved in our face before we are motivated to change. Chiron is about to show us the wounds of social alienation, high tech’s effects on our bodies, the cultural value of haste and immediacy, corruption in revolutionary movements, and the use of scientific advancement to support greed rather than individual life enhancement.

Aquarius represents innovation, the future, technology, and community. It is a demanding, spontaneous, rapid, stubborn energy. It electrifies us to move towards our ideals. People with a strong Aquarian signature in their horoscope are very emotionally detached and mental. They love bringing odd combinations of people together to champion a cause. They often have scientific or technological talent. They are the ultimate non-conformists. They don’t care if others think they are geeky as long as they can keep life interesting.

When Chiron moves into Aquarius, very inventive people will bring their work and art forward like Einstein and Picasso did under this influence. The last time Chiron was in Aquarius, 50 years ago, people reacted against the conformity of the “Organization Man” and we had anti-hero beatniks, bikers and Elvis shaking up cultural values. Now that we are connected as a global village, our reforms and inventions must be expressed on a transpersonal level. We need new economic and political theories, so first Chiron will focus on the flaws of our current systems. Will you be a complainer wanting to destroy, or a genius wanting to radicalize? The latter sounds like a lot more fun to me. Even if you think you are on the cutting edge of the counter culture, be flexible about your view of the world. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

This Chiron passage in a new century comes after a strong Aquarian influence from the slow moving planets Uranus and Neptune that began in 1996. The very nature of time speeding up and the intensity of change has us reeling, exhausted and anxious. Our nervous systems are going to be a great focus of concern. Continue to adjust quickly to unusual situations and be willing to learn on the spot. Ask, “How can I surprise myself? Approach your life with a humorous curiosity. View things as interesting rather than wrong and be agile. Honor you feelings, but witness them from a vast impartial place.


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