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Taking Care of Business

As of February 3 when Venus the planet of love, pleasure, and negotiation went direct we have a window of time until March 2nd when all the planets except Saturn are moving forward. Since October we have been integrating things internally. Now it is time to proceed into new projects. Mars, the action and application of will planet is still plodding through the can-do sign of Taurus. Venus is earthy as well in the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn. Take action on money matters and practical maintenance before February 17th.

In the love department, people! want affectionate touch. Hold hands, massage necks, and ruffle hair. We are still prone to consider relationship carefully such as “What can I get out of it?” or “How workable is it?”

Hooked on a Feeling, High on Believing

On a collective level, we aren’t exactly thinking clearly about money or love because of a long-term square between Jupiter and Neptune that began in mid January and will last until late March. Jupiter, which amplifies things, is in Scorpio concerned with deep emotional reaction, and power. Neptune is in a very long- term expression of Aquarius (since 1998) bringing idealism about communities and social justice. This combination corresponded with the Hammas win in the Palestinian election. Deeply held passionate feelings were expressed, but will that party be able to do mundane things like paving roads and creating jobs?

On a personal level, we are getting turned on when we are in communities. There is a suspension of ordinary reality when people share a dream. It can be a wide–eyed ecstatic fresh shot of innocence that is very creative. It can also be naive enthusiasm about a charismatic illusion or leader. It is possibly very sexy because God force is the same as life force. Single girls put on a little lipstick on your way to church, the dojo, or the community meeting. You never know whose energy you might hook up with!

On February 17th Mars enters Gemini. It becomes the airy messenger. This is the ultimate influence for schmoosing, flirting, collecting ! info, fast talking sales, e-mail jokes, and gossip. There can be some trickery or pipe dreams going on because of the Jupiter Neptune square and because by February 18 The Sun (life direction) and Mercury (communications) are in the sign of Pisces. Pisces and Neptune are the same archetype: imaginative, emotional and denial-prone. We crave escape but we are also compassionate to the point of sacrifice. You will be making a lot of Freudian slips because the mouth is moving but the subconscious is slipping in behind it. Life can be like a waking dream- starry eyed but confusing. You may be a legend in your own mind, but don’t count on taking it to the bank. Cost benefit analysis and profitability assessment will seem boring.

Life will be like floating down the San Marcos River on big inner tubes with a group of friends. There is laughing and talking (Gemini) communing with nature (Pisces) ! checking out the bodies in bathing suits (Scorpio). With the Neptune/Pisces influence there will be a separate tube rented just for the booze cooler, or you will be getting excited and ecstatic talking about your visionary dreams.

Throw in one more factor- Mercury turns Retrograde March 2nd. This topic will be described in next month’s newsletter if I can get my act together to produce it.


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