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February 2007


"My brain, its my second favorite organ." - Woody Allen in “Sleeper”

Our planet of communication takes a reversal three times a year and does so Tuesday night February 13 until the evening of March 7. Messages, appointments, conversations, transportation, and electronics are thrown awry. We encounter frustrations with any kind of data exchange, marketing or contracts. Back up your computer ahead of time and avoid buying a car until it is finished. Be aware of a new idea, connection or realization on February 22, but wait until March 8 to act on it.

This year, the retrograde will be particularly befuddling. Besides operating bass ackwards, it is expressing in the sign of Pisces. Pisces communications are dreamy, intuitive, and confusing. Our perceptions are softened or skewed. Our words are not good at expressing the subtle, vulnerable, transcendent experiences that are prominent at this time. The culture doesn’t honor these qualities because they aren’t good for competitive commerce.

As for Valentine’s Day, if you are wooing a new love or buttering up your partner you may be living in a fool’s paradise. You are apt to fantasize that an incredible soul connection is going on and miss signals that the other person is on a different bandwidth. Forget about flower or postal deliveries, FTD and UPS will be a madhouse. If they don’t goof-up your reservations, the dinner conversation will be rife with Freudian slips. Don’t promise anything because you are likely to drop the ball. Speaking of, don’t even try to get to third base. You will find out more about this person after Mercury goes direct and could change your mind about him/her.

The day after if “He hasn’t called, he hasn’t written, he hasn’t sent flowers” he probably left his cell phone somewhere and lost all his numbers. It could be in the refrigerator, locked in the car with his keys or bleating the Beethoven’s 5th ringtone in some public restroom. The tone and content of e-mails can be entirely misconstrued so don’t take things personally. How do you sign the damn thing? Take care? Ciao? Best? Cheesy winks? Nothing at all? Sheesh! Mercury in Pisces prefers nuance which is impossible online.

"My love life is terrible. The last time I was inside a woman was when I visited the Statue of Liberty". - Woody Allen “Crimes and Misdemeanors”

Ideally, we are meant to turn the functions of the mental plane inward and integrate all the messages, learning, and feelers we have put out into the world since last November. And remember, astrologically last October and November was all about sex and power. If you can go into retreat and reverie, do so. View your life as a waking dream and watch for synchronicity, portents and provocative coincidences. You may find yourself spontaneously writing poetry. When you read it later you may cringe or you may have a message straight from your soul.

THE RIGHT STUFF ??? Saturn Opposite Neptune
On February 28 a transit that happened at the end of August will repeat. We are experiencing disillusionment with institutions we thought we could count on. We are all questioning our inner authority and viewing fantasies or addiction under a harsh light. We are seeing the results of a populace in denial. Subterfuge and scams will be outed and hopefully busted. With the Mercury Retrograde operating too, government officers under investigation will have a hard time keeping their lies straight. You may be questioning your life’s mission. Your aspirations can be balanced with your necessities, but the how-to may not be clear yet. Watch the Brazilian movie, “Favela Rising” about the miraculous difference that one person can make with his work. Read more by going to News on my website and clicking on the archive for August ’06.



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