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Thanks so much for sharing this newsletter with any friends who might be interested. I am now writing a monthly Sun Sign column for Your Austin Address Magazine. Here is the link:http://www.youraddressmagazine.com/2009/01/february-2009-horoscope/

If you want to read it in the future, my column is in the Health and Beauty section. This is a great lifestyle magazine. Austin readers can pick up hard copies around town.

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Early February has been a trying period. We have experienced intense desires, and at the same time been tending toward mistrust, disillusionment or annoyance. The Lunar eclipse on Monday February 9 is showing us some point of pride to let go of. Cease fighting and surrender to your vulnerability. Release that emotional ouch to clear the way for forgiveness. We are all very human right now. Things may continue to be somewhat tense through February 11. Stay conscious and don’t be bashing your body around in a careless way. Almost immediately, the planets start to form a series of harmonies that will have us looking up!

On February 12 be alert for acquaintances or connections that are supportive in a significant way. You may be introduced to an idea, teaching or group that gives you a boost. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom meets the North Node, a point of karmic assistance and soul growth. This only happens once every 7 years. Be open to guidance from your Inner Spirit as well as your outer world. Any new person you meet may be the messenger. Focus on the message more than the messenger!

On February 14, the communication planet Mercury enters the irreverent, brilliant sign of Aquarius. Until February 18 there are 6 astrological placements in that sign. Expect things to move fast and take the opportunity to be inventive and spontaneous. Between February 16th and 18th, amp up the charm in love and sales relationships. Appreciate an exuberant quality of friendship in your romantic life. Acknowledge everyone who contributes to your life. It is also naturally exciting to get outside of your comfort zone and experiment. You may find allies from a different sector of society than you usually hob-knob with. On February 24, have interesting discussions that solve the problems of the world. It is a supreme time to think globally and to find winning ways to compromise. People will be motivated to consider the greater good.

I would make brief journal notes about all my connections in February and the first week of March, because in early March Venus goes retrograde, and we will get a different kind of information or reconsider our associations. Stay tuned for more on Venus retrograde in the March Newsletter.

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you’re free
Look into your heart and you will find that
The sky is yours

-“I’m Yours” song lyric Jason Mraz




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