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February Astrology News 2011

Dear Friends,

My Prediction 2011 Events have been a big hit and in Austin, there is one more Predictions Salon this Saturday February 12.  Thanks everyone who has been forwarding the newsletter and recommending my work to your friends!


Chiron In Pisces - Mysterious Ways

On February 8th  the maverick asteroid Chiron entered the subtle, trancendental, oceanic sign of Pisces for an 8 year stay. Chiron is a shamanic archetype that brings a radical multidimensional awareness of things. It is a bridge of change that operates in unprecedented ways. Chiron shatters denial and awakens us from our personal and cultural lies. It shows us a genius that emanates from our wiser future. In the expression of Pisces, it operates by touching our Great Heart and opening us to empathy and compassion.

Chiron was in Pisces from 1960 to 1968. As the old giants of the cold war and imperial politics were battling, the little children born with this signature were learning tolerance and flexibility from Dr. Seuss. “I do so like green eggs and ham! Thank you, thank you, Sam-I-Am! Seuss had his Sun and Jupiter in Pisces and Chiron operated prominently in the career sector of his horoscope. Chiron in Pisces ushered in the high hopes of the Kennedy Camelot White House, the early Civil Rights sit-ins, and the consciousness changes of outer space exploration.

Your psyche will be wide open for new visions of human actuality. Expect strong intuition, lots of coincidences, and time warps. Your energy field is wide open and absorbent. Be aware of addictive and propaganda influences from fast moving screen images- computer, TV, phones, etc. In the 60's drugs broke reality concepts from the past. They opened many people to visions of universal Love. Others got lost in addiction and damaged their lives and families profoundly. Honor your mind as sacred space and find some solitude time to come to clarity.

Expect compassion to flourish. Chiron was in the emotional sign of Pisces for a brief time in the spring of 2010 and coincided with the BP oil spill. When we have awareness we can take action to heal. Many people, in their grief about the waters, creatures, and people of the Gulf connected with Mother Earth at a deep unprecedented level.


Because Pisces is associated with the imagination, we can expect the arts to inspire and motivate change. The Beatles wrote songs in this period that still touch and bond people deeply. Bono was born just a few months after Chiron entered Pisces in 1960. His dedication for healing AIDS and his activism for AIDS patients makes him a bridge between the past and the future. His heartfelt conversation and respect for George Bush's religion convinced the reactionary president to budget millions of dollars for relief. I will write more about Pisces next month because it will be activated by the planet Neptune for the first time since the Civil War.

Astrology Predictions 2011

Second Date Added! 

Due to popular demand I have added a second date for my local salon. And for those who have other time commitments, I am recording the talk and will have it available as an mp3 sound file or CD for sale on my website in mid-February.  

In-Person Predictions Salon
Austin, TX

Saturday February 12
3:30 -5:30 pm
$30- a reservation is required
My home in Southwest Austin

Attendance limited to 15 people only

I will present the information described above, then give brief individual divination readings to answer your personal questions. I will draw numbers for the order chosen, and we will decree that each answer will assist everyone in the group.


About the Austin Salon

The year ahead holds great possibility for change and spiritual growth for you and our Planet. I will describe the energy, how to apply it, what to avoid and how to maximize it. I will make some references to long-term cycles and the emphasis will be direct application to your life.

There will be a question and answer period. Then I will give brief individual divination readings to answer your personal questions. I will draw numbers for the order chosen, and we will decree that each answer will assist everyone in the group.


Call me at 291-8299 or email astromaven@prodigy.net



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