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Uranus Enters Pisces- March '03 through May 2010

Into the Mystic
We have entered a period of extreme wobbliness and great promise. Two outer planets are moving from air signs (mental plane) into water signs (emotional plane). Since 1996, but particularly for the last 2 ½ years we have been spinning all over the place with our minds. It has been connect, connect, connect. How many stories are you keeping up with? (friends, media, magazines, colleagues, neighbors, family). What have we done to our brains? How many ways of electronic contact are available to you and how often do you check them? It is nuts. The advantage of this time has been in producing a sense of global community and fantastic exchanges of information. As Uranus moved through Aquarius, we all have sought to get out of the system or to maximize our freedom in it.

As of March 10, we have entered the water. Hold your nose, unless you have to use breathing exercises to manage your anxiety attacks. Uranus entered the sign of Pisces then and Saturn will enter the sign of Cancer on June 3. Water is heart centered, profound, mysterious, sentimental, private. We have begun a much needed retreat into our inner landscapes. Pisces particularly represents the vastness of the collective unconscious, the big oceanic soup that is way beyond ordinary reality. It is a kind, compassionate, gentle, still energy. It is chameleon like. It doesn’t chatter like air, it murmurs and whispers. It can also be deceptive, denial prone and slicker than owl shit.

Uranus brings innovation, disruption and revolution into our consciousness. We have a very tenuous hold on reality, and we’re going to have to get used to it for 8 years. Anything is possible and things are not what they seem. Can you learn to count on serendipity and answered prayers? The logical process of evaluation based on past experience and social rules is mushy around the edges so the normal human reaction is lots of insecurity. Those who have cultivated the experience of timelessness and openness to the void through meditation, prayer, arts, or the athletic “sweet spot” may be able to allow the bliss. But, our logical, cultural conditioning will try to grasp and manipulate reality and battle the confusion. Polarized thinking just doesn't cut it when you are navigating "The Dream."

There will be some charismatic spiritual movements born during this time. Some people will want to escape into addictions and there will be new designer drugs. The oceans and therefore the weather will continue to be very erratic. There will be political movements expressed in art. Etheric and subtle energy healing will gain more credence. Telepathy and extra sensory perception methods will become business as usual. There will need to be a revolution in the principles of psychiatry as our perceptions of reality expand.
Well, "Dr. Laura", how do I handle this? Schedule time for retreat and repose. Come back to the peace at the heart of God which is the source of healing. Adopt an open attitude. When you are confronted with a problem, say "Hummm, maybe I don't have a concept for this yet". Watch out for victim/martyr tendencies Believe in signs and auguries from Nature. Practice whatever opens you to the flow and adopt a miracle consciousness.

I am already noticing things that I casually asked for in a "wouldn't it be nice if" way are showing up quickly but with a humorous perverse twist. Play with benevolent practical magic. Notice the grace in your life. Sound is a healing influence for this section of the zodiac so use music, chants and out loud prayers. Practice listening, yes, even to the leaf blowers in your neighborhood to remind you to stay present. I'll send out another newsletter about Saturn in Cancer next month when the big question is "Where do I belong?"


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