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The New Moon in Pisces on Monday February 27 is supercharged by its synergy with Uranus the planet of disruption, innovation, and rebellion. This combination will set the tone for the whole month. Iconoclast, the breaker of sacred images or the person who attacks cherished beliefs is the word that comes to mind. Watch for an itch you feel you have to scratch erupting from your subconscious mind. This is not a complacent comfortable energy. You may feel urgency, bit here’s the rub: Pisces energy is incoherent, dreamy and confusing. It prefers isolation and rest. It is empathic and naïve. The Uranian dissonance may bring chaos on an inner level.

The revolution may be that something you have cherished as you redeemer upsets or surprises you. Your redeemer is anything which or anyone who is your refuge from the crass ordinary boring or scary aspects of life. It could be your addiction, your spiritual path, the notion of the fabulous soul mate you are manifesting, your art… anything. You may be electrified this month by a new redeemer, or discover that your redeemer seems just plain crazy right now. When a beautiful dream disappoints us we often feel anger, or massive confusion if our subconscious normally represses rage. No one wants to be snatched from the gates of heaven.

World events reflect our inner conflicts. The “Don’t mess with my Messiah” going on in the Middle East may be something you deal with within yourself. Remember that emotions happen on a very wide continuum. It might be something small and subtle or it might be a big crisis. A harmony in the Astrology chart of the New Moon tells us that the healing comes from telling your story in a light hearted way. Be humble and notice that any drama you have is not the most important thing in the world. Honor your feelings, but share them (without dumping) so you won’t drown in them.


Talk about a space oddity, 2 days after the New Moon, Mercury (our communications) goes backward in Pisces. The dates are Thursday March 2nd through Saturday March 25th. Anything you do with data, plans, electronics, or transportation will have an air of befuddlement. Your conscious mind will be out in Hubbitzville County with a paper bag over its head. As an added plus, there are no planets in Earth signs between March 5th and April 19th. Practicality will be very difficult. You might as well unplug from new enterprises and outer achievement as much as possible and “cook” in your interior process. Imagination and artistry as your own personal expression will be favored. It is a magnificent time for dream journaling. It is fine to revise or complete things you have already begun. Review your whole year since last April and bless yourself for your courage and willingness. Let go and let God big-time this month. Then you will leave a vacuum and fill it with new goals and actions at the Aries New Moon.


The Women’s Dream Circle will meet on Sunday Evenings in for 6 weeks, April 2nd through May 7th from 6-8 pm. We will journal and share our dreams and use these deep messages to empower ourselves, validate our inner guidance, and meet our lives gracefully. You need absolutely no knowledge of Astrology to participate. Your dreams reflect your current astrological transits so I can use that information as my contribution to the feedback we all share. The meetings are at my house in Southwest Austin. The investment is $135. Call(512) 291-8299 or e-mail me astromaven@prodigy.net or laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com


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