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March 2007

Dear friends,

Thanks for continuing to share my newsletter with your friends. I am starting another WOMENS DREAM CIRCLE Saturday April 15. There will also be a Wednesday afternoon Dream Circle, and I am still firming up the location and start date. Please see the details below the March News article.



Am I Only Dreaming?

Who has not found the Heaven below
Will fail of it above.
God’s residence is next to mind
His furniture is love.

-Emily Dickinson

On Sunday March 18 a New Moon Eclipse calls us to cross thresholds into transcendental realizations. Eclipses are times when something known is stripped away and we can choose to turn a corner. Pisces is an expression of endings and completions. We may realize this weekend and assimilate in the next 6 months that certain illusions have been operating in our lives.

We are dealing with the continuum between the sublime and the very ordinary. The question arises, “How do I apply my spiritual and idealistic principles in my daily life?” One extreme proposes, “If life goes the way I want it to often enough and I can scramble around to get a sense of order, I will prove to myself that I can trust Spirit. If I accomplish enough, God (and I) will reward me with the good life. The opposite extreme proposes, “I trust God and focus on the ideal and I’m just waiting to manifest everything. I do happen to notice that my life is crumbling around me and it is taking longer than I thought it should. Am I failing on my spiritual path?”

Between the New Age Nazis and the New Age Ninnies that we all are lies a balance point. Faith without works is dead. We can walk in the world as Love and be fully engaged in the practicalities but not attached to outcomes.

This eclipse connects with our Shadow side, Pluto. Subtlety, mystery and compassion are melting rigid judgments. Visionary advancement for ourselves and for humanity must include tolerance and acceptance. The last time there were eclipses in this Zodiac sector was spring of 1988. Was there a disillusionment that uncovered a whole arena of denial for you? We really don’t like to come down from our pink clouds, but when you avoid things, you are still tied to them with an umbilical cord. You don’t have to meet your fears with drama, just be open and humble. Spirit always bumps the next step into us. We have choices about how fully we engage.

March 30 brings a jolt from erratic surprising Uranus. This planet operates spasmodically and brings restlessness and an eye to the future. We will have a perturbation, if not a disturbance in “The Force”. It can clear the air like an azure New Mexico sky after a thunderstorm. You may have a wild hair up your you-know-what but never make it out the door. Clear-cut decisions may be difficult. It is more a time of releasing and forgiving your desires from the past year and from cycles that started in 1988. Come to peace with whatever has happened. You can’t yet imagine the fresh desires that the New Moon in Aries will propel in mid-April.

Women’s Dream Circles
Sundays from 5:30 to 7:30 we will meet at my home in Southwest Austin for 6 weeks beginning April 15 through May 20. The investment for the class is $150.

We will share dreams we have journaled, support each other’s trust in our intuition and inner guidance, and share our powerful gifts. We always have an amazing group of women and lots of growth in our lives. My contribution includes interpretations based on your current astrological transits that show up symbolically in your dream images. You need absolutely no knowledge of astrology to participate in the Dream Circles. Call 291-8299. e-mail: astromaven@prodigy.net or laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com



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