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March is always a strong transitional month in the seasons, and therefore in the astrology signs. This year in early March there are many planets in the sign of Pisces that will form a particularly powerful New Moon on March 15th. Pisces is a soul-yearning, sensitive, compassionate water sign. Until that day, and particularly in the dark of the Moon, the previous weekend of March 13 and 14 cultivate tranquility and apply curiosity to the feelings and images that bubble up from the subconscious. Seek solitude and purify your energy field with meditation, ceremony, or absorption in creative activities. Open your heart to Spirit and to forgiving others. Sit by a body of water or gaze at the stars to attune to the infinite beauty of the world. As you empty your vessel, you create a vacuum that can be filled with fresh desires that may surprise or delight you as planets move into the fiery, high-spirited energy of Aries. 

“Being able to plsy without a goal, being able to play aimlessly… is very important to creativity. For, one discovers all manner of useful things on the way to nowhere in particular”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes  “The Creative Fire” Sounds True Audio program. 

Stoke the Fires

Gweneth Paltrow One by one, on March 7, 17, 18 and 20, planets segue into Aries. This year willingness and self-confidence come on strong because these planets will harmonize with the March 10 forward motion of Mars, the warrior planet, in another fiery sign, Leo. Expect a building trust in life and ability to risk in the last 2 weeks of March. Live fully, love ardently and enjoy your physical vitality.

Be generous, outlandish, and passionate about whatever you want to pursue. The dates I gave are also sneak previews for a mega Aries energy of historical proportions that will be coming in early June. Make note of your enthusiasms and get things rolling! As you read this newsletter in early March, you may yawn because it sounds like too much trouble. Honor your need to rest now and notice the energy change and build as we traverse the month. As the days warm up in the Northern hemisphere, get your body out into the Sun and ask for strength and courage.

“Being able to play without a goal, being able to play aimlessly... is very important to creativity. For, one discovers all manner of useful things on the way to nowhere in particular”

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes “The Creative Fire” Sounds True Audio program.

Intermediate Astrology Class

Do you have a strong sense of the planets and signs, know something about aspects and maybe feel iffy about the houses of the chart? Have you studied astrology for a long time and have deep understandings, but want to work with synthesizing and interpreting a birth chart in a coherent way? Are you ready to understand and work with the most basic predictive methods, Transits and Secondary progressions? Do you want to explore relationship astrology as Synastry and Composite Charts? (Laura’s sex tips alone are worth the investment in the class!) Then this class is for you!

Dates: 6 weeks- March 16-April 20
Time: 7-9 pm
Place- My home in Southwest Austin
Investment: $150

Contact: 512-291-8299


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