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March Astrology News 2011

Dear Friends,

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You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

March is an odd month with mixed energies. On the evening of March 11th the sudden motivator planet Uranus enters the sign of Aries. In terms of revolution, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet. Defiance of oppression will go ballistic, and the demand for freedom will spread beyond the Middle East. This passage is active for 8 years! Uranus joins the planet Jupiter in Aries, the sign of beginnings.


I am proud of my predictions from last June when I wrote about these energies as these two planets briefly occupied this sign together last year. Here is the reprint written in May 2010:

Uranus and Jupiter joined in the sign of Aries in 1927. Aries is associated with pioneering, gumption, rugged individualism, passion, sports, and sometimes aggression. Some striking events were: Lindbergh flew solo over the Atlantic Ocean, Chaiang Kai Sheck took power in China and Stalin took power in Russia, the first movie with a sound track, “The Jazz Singer” opened, the first transatlantic telephone call happened, Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs, and Great Britain gave independence to Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

For 4 years I have been predicting the summer of 2010 as a youth revolution that will make the 60’s look like the Muleshoe Texas Junior Miss Parade. Iran is a likely starting place. Now I recognize with the election in the United Kingdom, that there will be great reformation in elections and Legislative bodies worldwide. Our current democracy barely resembles what Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin had in mind. Pluto, the Transformation planet, is working to uncover corruption and purify our societal institutions. Aries, our strong influence this summer, is the most masculine sign in the zodiac. It says, "I gotta’ be me."

Our planetary cycles always spiral into upliftment for humanity. There is a place - and plenty of supply - for your gift to benefit this world. Expect a new surge of desire, enthusiasm, and accomplishment. Honor your own call for Freedom.

Also, this March,  Mars is in the sign of Pisces, the dissolving and dispersal end of the zodiac. We may require some recuperation and re-grouping from the excitement of Jupiter in Aries that began in late January. Subtle action is more favored than direct action. Swirling dreams and whispers from the Divine can bamboozle our linear logical mind. Distractions can space us out. Pisces swims in vast rhythmic water. Aries burns like a forest fire.

How do we hold this paradox?  Rest and purify your desires and move deeply into your ways of connecting with Spirit. Water the seed of your gift with contemplation, prayer and  blessings. Protect your mind and energy field from subliminal or overt cultural influences. Purify your conversations and thoughts. Ask aloud for help from the transcendental realm of Angels, Master Guides, or Ancestors. Exuberantly take actions that are inspired and guided by your heart.

You'll know you're on track when your soul expresses through your heart. Recognize how you feel physically and emotionally when you are in tune and take actions based on faith. The little freak-outs that accompany action are part of the process. Love and accept yourself, be kind, make improvements and keep your project moving. Enjoy gratitude for every big and little thing and affirm the coincidences and opportunities as Miracles.  Playfully and enthusiastically  follow the breadcrumb trail of serendipities and you will come safely through the dark forest into the sunlight. Affirm, I Am my God-given passion.

Astrology Predictions 2011

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The year ahead holds great possibility for change and spiritual growth for you and our Planet. I will describe the energy, how to apply it, what to avoid and how to maximize it. I will make some references to long-term cycles and the emphasis will be direct application to your life.

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