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March Astrology News 2012

My Dear Readers and Friends,

I have 3 important items to report in this newsletter, including a Mercury Retrograde, so keep reading and please forward the email to your friends.


We're In The Money -Big Harmony in Earth Signs

March 13-15 the Planets are gracing us with an opportunity to be disciplined, and to implement concrete accomplishments that can increase our security, wealth and thriving. You may have already noticed an ability to stay focused, take practical actions and see things through. The growth in the economy certainly has. Jupiter and Pluto give us an expansive ambition and Mars is giving us the actions to take. It is particularly good to revisit or refine projects that were birthed in early July or late October of 2011 because Mars is still going backwards. There is aflow and easeavailable which can carry us tocompletions. It is also a chance to effectively give your skills, ideas,money, and time to assist Planet Earth.

Sean Connery James BondSean Connery was born with strong harmony in Earth signs. His rugged  sexy physicality combined with his air of authority and sophistication made him an instant star when the James Bond movies were released. His harmonies Earth planets have brought him great wealth. In his seventies he still commands 15-20 million dollar salaries for his movie roles.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
-Walt Disney

Mercury Retrograde March 12-April 4th

The planet of communication, Mercury, influences all of our connections. This archetype includes written and verbal messages and appointments, data, telecommunications, transportation, travel and conversations. For about 3 weeks, it will operate in an indirect if not perverse manner. It starts in the bold sign of Aries on March 12th and backs into dreamy Pisces on  March 23rd. If you want your tax return to be invisible to the IRS, submit it on Monday March 19th between 8:06 and 11:16 PM CDT.

The Earth harmony I spoke of in the last article is so strong that you can be effective despite the retrograde Mercury. As it wanes by the 17th, we will be dealing with a double shot of retrograde – detailed actions (Mars in Virgo) and communications (Mercury) are swimming against the tide. Your mind is on vacation.  This will be a time to learn about your tolerance for frustration. Efficiency will go out the window because we are supposed to be focusing on  the inner and spiritual life. You will find out if you are a perfectionist because you will have to be very allowing of mistakes and mis-communications.

Ask yourself, “In the scope of my whole lifetime, when I am doing my review at the time of my death, is this detail really going to seem significant?” It is an excellent time to take a retreat and simply “be”, rather than “do”.

New Moon in Aries- The Revolution in Your Life Continues

The astrological year begins at the New Moon in Aries and this year because of the retrogrades a ceremony will have special potency. Spend March 20 and 21st releasing and forgiving the past year and on those days purify your energy field by avoiding distressing media and chaotic people and situations. On March 22nd activate your new year with a ceremony. List your desires for the year ahead and prepare items to symbolize them. Invoke aloud assistance from  any higher Source which fits your belief systems. Include things and actions which stimulate all the senses, so have something to see, taste ,smell and hear. Include some movement such as bowing, circling, dancing or assuming a sacred  posture. Be sure that there is something Red on your altar to fire up your year to come. Include your aspirations for humanity in your ceremony because the planet of community and social justice is active in the New Moon chart this year.

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