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Aries-April '05

Hot Tamale- Aries New Moon
This lunar month, the energy is behind you to step out, take risks, and show the world a fresh identity. Every year the Aries new moon brings stimulation, and is the beginning of the spring agricultural cycle. (Readers in South Africa, sorry about the "hemisphere-ism" of Tropical Astrology). This time, it is made potent by an eclipse. Eclipses in the polarity of Aries and Libra happen only every 9½ years and they will continue twice a year through 2006. Eclipses do have a mysterious and awesome feel to them and often correspond to changes in the course of nations and world leaders.

This set of eclipses highlights the balance between war (Aries) and peace (Libra). Take a look at the needs of your healthy ego strength versus consideration of and cooperation with others. People who were born between the 5th and 13th of April, July, October and January have a particularly dynamic challenge to meet this spring, all the way through May, and the eclipse will affect their goals in life until next October.

This time of year we all feel the Aries energy that people with planets in Aries feel all their lives. Aries is ardent, enthusiastic, and physically active. Aries loves a challenge and a worthy opponent. They leap forward into situations with courage and sometimes arrogance. They may even know that they are over-extending themselves, but they can't stop. Aries people anger swiftly, but usually don't hold on to it for long. They are highly determined and thrive on risk. We can all take the best parts of this innocent fire and get a move on. This year, Saturn-- structure and conservatism, challenges the New Moon.So, our hell-bent-for leather attitude will meet some obstacles that will tone it down enough to keep us from alienating the people we are leaving in our tracks.

This month is the most powerful time of year to notice our desires and put our intentions behind them. The key phrase is SOMETHING NEW. How can you apply your will to your most ardent wishes? We often think of accomplishment based on career, but any type of goal can be won and Aries loves to win. The process actually takes months and there are other times for adjusting and correcting your course.

For now, get clear on what you want. Keep your eyes open and notice what you see. This time of year is stimulated by sight. Really look at things in your visual field with your presence in the moment. Don't filter everything through your mental concepts. Have objects or pictures that symbolize or depict your goal and look at them every day until May 8th. Also visualize reaching your goal as an inner process. Wear bright colors, especially red. Hopefully, you let go of old stuff during last month's Pisces cycle, so enjoy being charged up. Mars is in Aquarius, which harmonizes with Aries, until April 30 so we are really on overdrive and want to share with community. It is a buzzy time, adding experimentation with zeal. It can be hard on your nervous system, so support your body with dark leafy greens in your diet. You can be lazier in May!


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