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I have released my PREDICTIONS THROUGH 2012 CD, a two hour lecture.


On Saturday April 5 an important beginning point for the coming year arrives with the Aries New Moon. It is a time of desire and action that matches the life force that renews the Earth in springtime. This yearly New Moon is the very best time for envisioning what we want to create for the next 9 months. Plan a ceremony and speak your manifestations out-loud with feeling! Aries is stimulated by sight, so have pictures or symbolic objects to represent your desires.  Look at your “altar” and speak your list, written in positive language, daily for 28 days.

Since last October we have been working with Mars in the sign of Cancer, which wants to ensure safety before actions are taken. We have been cautious and affected by emotional and habitual imprinting. The question has been “Who do I belong to and what do I need to protect?” The Aries energy directly challenges this security mode. Aries takes sheer pleasure in action for it’s own sake. It is bold, straightforward and courageous. This is the month to balance vulnerability with risk. We can combine care with passion. We can integrate our emotional well-being as a foundation for risk.

Before the New Moon, on March 28, other astrological factors are stirring great visions for humanity and plans to implement new structures. If we can extend our sense of belonging to humankind, if we can consider all of Earth as near-and-dear, instead of “my clan”, we can feel safe in contributing our self-expression. Watch movies about supportive Dads (or potential Dads) like “Little Miss Sunshine“, “Fly Away Home“, or “Mostly Martha” (a German film, or its US remake “No Reservations“.)

Finite to fail, but infinite to venture --  Emily Dickinson


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