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Dear Friends,

There is still room to attend the Women’s Dream Circle Workshop this Saturday April 4 at my home in Austin. See more info below. Also, I will be giving a Dream Circle Class at the Women’s Yoga Retreat, “Deep in the Heart of Texas”, on the shady banks of the Llano River. Save the date, June 5-7, and I will have more details in the May newsletter. Thanks for sharing this newsletter with your friends.


Most of April feels like the doldrums because we are meant to be working on inner processes, completing things, and purifying old situations with forgiveness. Venus is still going backwards until April 17, so there is hesitancy in our social situations. Mars is in Pisces, the sign of imagination and compassion. Our direction is dissolute, spaced out, and inconclusive.  

Then, Boom, on April 22 Mars revs into urgent action when it enters its own sign of Aries, and we become more willful, courageous and bold. Venus follow suit 2 days later. We will be gleefully raring for a challenge. In the bedroom this is a smoking combination that comes and goes in heated rush. Venus and Mars will travel close together through Aries for most of May. In long standing relationships, it is time to clear the air and set new goals. If you have considered dating, enter the ring, but be aware that everyone is looking out for number one. 

Russell Crowe has the Sun and Mars in Aries. He has thrilled us all with his daring, aggression and courage as Cop (American Gangster), Gladiator, prizefighter (Cinderella Man), hockey coach (Mystery Alaska), and sinister villain (3:10 to Yuma). Sarah Michelle Gellar has her Sun and Venus in Aries and immortalized herself as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Everyone will likely want to begin some kind of important process under this active initiating energy. We are at risk for being hasty and arrogant so pay attention to the way that you are affecting other people. Be assertive, but not aggressive. Make good use of the time because on May 7, Mercury turns retrograde and you will have to reconsider some of the messages you have been delivering.

Maybe I understand, some, about having to fight. So you just remember who you are... you're the Bulldog of Bergen, and the Pride of New Jersey, you're everybody's hope, and the kids' hero, and you are the champion of my heart, James J. Braddock.

-Cinderella Man

Women’s Dream Circle Workshop
Saturday April 4 10:00 am to 6:00 pm $75 at my home in Southwest Austin

We will take a whole day to go deeply into dream- time. We will have individual sharing with feedback from the group, and also some experiential exercises for working with night dreams you have journaled.

I will help to integrate the messages from your psyche with your current Astrological influences. Each person’s wisdom is honored and power is fostered. All you need to bring is a record or memory of a few dreams. No experience with dream-work or astrology is necessary.

Please call me for more details : 512-291-8299 or email laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com



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