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Dear friends,

April is a big month astrologically. Note that Mercury Goes Retrograde April 18- May 11. I want to give thanks to all of you who entrust me to consult with you about your life. It is such an honor and joy to see you coming back through the years growing and glowing!

With love and respect,

Raring to Go – New Moon in Aries

Wednesday April 14 is the most powerful New Moon of the year for extending your intentions. Look forward and open desires for the coming year. Vigorous, bold Aries energy will be very strong this summer so go for it! How do you want conditions to change? What steps can you commit? Where do you want to place your vital energies? What will be the focus of your precious attention? It is a birthing year. Celebrate your desires with a ceremony. Use visual stimulation to program your subconscious mind for victory! 

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 

HubbleClose to midnight between April 17 and 18 the communication planet retreats in the Earth-focused sign of Taurus. The retrograde lasts 3 plus weeks until the afternoon of May 11. Reconsider and reevaluate your personal values, skills and material plane receiving. This time is auspicious for going through your possessions. Offer gratitude for the things that enhance your life and give away things that are sitting there just holding “chi” stagnant. Let go of things with an assurance that someone else is glad to use them. Also, commit to more consistency with your recycling program.  

Renew your relationship with money. Notice ways that you waste it and make corrections. Do you honor your cash flow by keeping good records? Money loves attention! I relate the sign of Taurus to the physical body because it is our soul’s piece of Earth. Notice your body language and physical signals. Our bodies communicate with us constantly. Do you mean to feed your sensuality, but rarely take time to do it? Re-orient you mind away from electronic screens and massage your own head, face, feet and belly. What a treat! Go barefoot in a pleasant outdoor setting and admire the bounty of plant life. For great images of God’s abundance, go see the IMAX movie Hubble 3D. 

Forget Those Losing Battles
Saturn opposite Uranus, inconjunct Neptune 

April 26 – May 2 brings a repeat of an astrological configuration that began in November of 2008. We are reorienting our heart’s desires, and at the same time testing their feasibility. Do we hold our ground or yield? Events challenge our assumptions and we question our goals. The complexities can cause nervous tension or dread. The answer is to learn to hold ironies even if that is awkward or tricky. Expand into greater beliefs. In the very long run God usually delivers something much finer than our expectations.  

Sunshine CleaningSunshine Cleaning is a sweet movie that illustrates the nature of this time. Rose Lowkorski, played by Amy Adams, is a single mother who starts her own business cleaning up crime scenes. (“It’s a growth industry.”). She commits to make more money to send her son to a better school. This film combines hilarious dark humor with endearing portraits of compassion and family love. In risking the obstacles of entrepreneurship, Rose meets her self-judgments and grows in dignity and self-esteem.  



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