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April Astrology News 2011

Dear Friends,

We have a lot of big astrology passages this month. Please note that MERCURY goes RETROGRADE from Wednesday March 30 to Saturday April 23rd. Thanks for sharing this newsletter with new readers.


Aries New Moon
Get Your Motor Running

Our communication planet, Mercury has been in Aries since March 9th. That makes for ultimatums and hurried decisions. It has also influenced brave daring reporters in Libya and Japan. You may have been more impatient or assertive than usual with your personal connections. At the same time, Mars has been in Pisces so our actions have been befuddled and inefficient. This partly accounts for all the errors and frustrations with the Power Plants in Japan.

Mercury will, in appearance and operation, go backwards for 3 weeks. Normally, people will backtrack and reconsider hasty exchanges and make apologies. Angry or self-centered declarations should be tempered with more forethought, or at least hindsight. Mercury affects electrical connections, transportation infrastructure, and computer systems. Double-check correspondence, appointments, and plans.

HOWEVER April 1-4 we have a mega-boost of other planets also in Aries exactly at the time of the most powerful New Moon of the year. New Moons kick-off monthly astrological processes and they are always a time of strong desire, looking toward the future, and taking bold actions. Each year, in March or April, the New Moon in Aries initiates a year long process of growth in all human affairs that mirrors Spring in the agricultural seasons. Sunday April 4th is the strongest time in years to perform ceremonies, prayers or rituals to manifest your desires for the 12 months ahead. Gather objects and images that symbolize your desires because Aries is stimulated by sight. Use lots of color. Stimulate all the senses with scent, taste, sound and movement. There is a huge spur to action that benefits all of humanity on this day so actively create your highest and strongest desires for yourself and for  all the people,  the creatures, and Mother Earth. It is important for loving higher energies to offset the possibly explosive and aggressive nature of this weekend.

 An obscure astrological placement called Dark Moon Lilith is also stimulated in this Aries rocket ship of action. Lilith represents the outrage of disrespected women. It is the awesome primordial power of the feminine. It enters Aries once every four years, but this time it adds to the potent mix. There will be strong influences from women in the revolutions of the coming 8 years. Watch for active women in the news. Envision peaceful protests and miracles of political change similar to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Expect more surprising events. You will also be surprising yourself. People around you will be making swift changes too so find ways to restructure freedom into your agreements. Many of us are already in shock from world news. Keep your Rescue Remedy handy. Remember that there are beautiful, loving, heartwarming things going on all of the time. You have choice about where you focus your attention.

Neptune Enters Pisces

The visible world is no longer a reality and the unseen world is no longer a dream.  W. B. Yeats
For a brief period this year starting April 4th, the slow moving planet Neptune enters its own home expression, the sign of Pisces. Then it returns to Aquarius until early 2012. The Pisces passage last affected humanity between 1847 and 1861. That is a long time ago! We can use historical and cultural trends from those times to predict what will be important to us in the next 14 years.

Neptune was the God of the oceans and the waters of the Earth will be a major focus. The weather cycles, under-sea exploration, coastlines changing and maritime laws will be in the news. Other       fluids including oil will obviously be important.

Neptune represents sacrifice, redemption and forgiveness. There will be an upwelling of compassion in humanity that will contribute to the changes in political structure that are already activated by other more rebellious planets. Two centuries ago there was labor reform and the Communist Manifesto was published. Concerns about slavery activated the abolitionist movement and the Russian Czar freed the serfs. Human trafficking, prison reform, prostitution, and wage servitude will be addressed. In the 1840s and 1850s early hospitals and the nursing profession were founded. Neptune represents addiction and opium was popular during its former passage in Pisces. There will be new psycho-active drugs and technology that will affect the psyche. Are our family structures strong enough to support mental health?

Pisces has an escapist tendency that can also represent the beauty of solitude and connection with spirit through Nature. The transcendentalist philosophers and poets: Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Thoreau were either born or published when Neptune was last in Pisces. Neptune is the imagination and sublime musicians and artists such as Tchaikovsky, and Renoir carried this energy. We can expect the arts to be refined and dreamy.  Long distance connection through electronic means is here to stay, but inner exploration, reverie and meditation will become more popular.

Your intellect is going to soften around the edges, and your subconscious mind will be more in the forefront. Expect more empathic connection with people around you, Nature, the Collective Unconscious, all the way up to God Consciousness. As I said last month when I wrote about Chiron entering Pisces, you will naturally gravitate toward  direct, selfless compassionate service.


Perhaps my favorite movie of all time, Whale Rider blends all the energies that are emerging in April. Twelve year old Pia is the last of her lineage to lead her Maori tribe in New Zealand, but her Grandfather scorns her because she is not a male (Lilith). WhaleriderShe rebels by secretly learning the beloved traditions and martial arts that are only taught to the men (Uranus and Mars in Aries). Her grandfather painfully rejects her again. A  crisis comes as Whales, the tribal sacred animals and spirit brothers, become beached on the shore. Pia, willing to sacrifice her life, follows her intuition and the call of the whales in her heart and takes the whales back out to sea (Neptune in Pisces). The whales show that she is the chosen child to lead her people.

Astrology Predictions 2011

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The year ahead holds great possibility for change and spiritual growth for you and our Planet. I will describe the energy, how to apply it, what to avoid and how to maximize it. I will make some references to long-term cycles and the emphasis will be direct application to your life.

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