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Taurus-May '05

Lost In Space
Have you been feeling exhausted since last Saturday night? The fire of Mars entered the water of Pisces. This passage lasts about 6 weeks until June 11th. Movement at this time is subtle and mysterious. We are running out of steam as far as physical energy goes so it is important to put daydream time on your calendar, if you can find your calendar.

We are letting go of things that began with a rush in January of 2004. You were tremendously ambitious then, and you will have new motivation in the middle of June. For now, tread water. During the coming weeks the time is right for epiphanies, idealism, selflessness, and imagination. If you are focused only on outward achievement and task accomplishment you will feel lost, stymied and victimized. Look back over the last 2 ½ years, tie up a few loose ends and empty your mind. Have patience with yourself or others for “dropping the ball” because it is bound to happen more than once.

Cosmically you can have your bases covered. Your dream life may be teeming with messages from subtle planes. Trust your intuition and act only from stillness as you witness things unfolding. That is not always easy in our linear, logical society and can cause some anxiety and confusion. Witness your moments of angst and learn that things can be easy and magical sometimes. Your work lies between the lines.

The most interesting time is the weekend of May 14 and 15 when Mars joins Uranus, the planet of sudden awakening. Spend that time in community with friends. You will either be ecstatically tuned in or shocked into disillusionment. Either way, you will get important information about the direction of your ideals for the next 2 ½ years.

How YOU Doin' ?
From May 12 through May 28 we will experience a mutual reception between the planet of communication, Mercury, and the planet of love, Venus. If feels like mutual reception sounds: a very cordial, charming, flirtatious time. You may feel placid, sensual and affectionate. Verbal exchanges are more sexy than steamy physical activity. Talk about your fantasies. It is a good time to shop for or sell luxury items. It doesn’t have to be a Lexus, how about some fragrant lotion? You might also be interested in fashion or beauty information. Go ahead, change your look.

Unfortunately, during this time we have the last pass of a yucky energy, Saturn inconjunct Pluto. It is exact on May 23rd but you may feel it from the 19th through the 26th. This is the power politics energy that makes people want to oppress others on the basis of rigid belief systems. It has an echo of the dread we felt at September 11th 2001, but it is not as dynamic. Hopefully we have all learned a lot and the mutual reception will give us gracious ways to communicate. Still, be watchful for the iron fist in the velvet glove. That wouldn’t be your M.O. would it?


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