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Lost In Emotion, Que Sera Que Sera

On Sunday May 7 the planets form a harmony and dynamic flow in the element of water. In astrology, water represents intuition, emotion, sensitivity, and instinct. The planets involved in this “Grand Trine” are explorers, change makers and exaggerators. We are already feeling some of this energy like a geothermic spring bubbling and blushing around.

You may find yourself drowning in feelings or overwhelmed by sensitivity. If you usually ignore emotions you may feel antsy and jittery. You may be more psychically sensitive than usual. Some people welcome these phenomenon, others feel weirded out. When water moves, it cleanses, so as we approach May 7 it is a good time for catharsis as long as you are not dumping it on someone who did not agree to witness you. Creative activities are a good modality for catharsis. Get your hands dirty, your head rolling, and your breath pumping.

Speaking of, these planets can carry a lot of sexual desire. You may have an opportunity for new frontiers in intimate communication. Be aware though because it is easy to be invasive. Drop the drama and neediness that cultural expectations and psychological conditioning add to love and surf the wave of pure present energy. Go boldly into your heart where you have never gone before.

Some people may feel this time as a poignant spiritual high and be moved to tears by bliss. It feels great when you melt into something vast and pure and reach the deep stillness that lies under the personality and its mental chatter. It is a particularly good time to share your passion for the spiritual life in community and bond with groups of friends who are on the same wave length as you. Each of the planets involved, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus can be self centered. Some of us will impose their ardent experiences on others through conversion, salvation or political action. Notice if your passion is well received. There is a lot of false pride in being a rescuer.

At this time we are impressionable and easily influenced. Some of our ties and repressions can just melt and bring great relief. We may meet our own resistance and implode into a struggle. Witness yourself and don’t take everything so personally if this is the case. We might also escape into some plum foolishness and be embarrassed later. Our spontaneous selves are usually so repressed I would say err on the side of excess and stretch your boundaries for trusting life. Be sure you stay aware, do no harm and take responsibility for your actions. You may come back to the Buddha’s “Middle Way” later with your eyes and pores more open.


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