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Dear Friends,

Note that Mercury goes Retrograde on May 6 in the middle of the night. See the article below. I will facilitate a Women’s Dream Circle Workshop all day Saturday June 13. If you prefer the ongoing seven week Dream Circle format, I will start a group on Sunday late afternoons starting on June 21. Also, save the date for a Chemistry of Love class on Saturday August 1. I will be co-teaching with Pammyla Brooks. This class will teach a bit of elementary astrology and other goodies that anyone can apply to his/her romantic life.


May 24-29 brings the most important Astrological confluence of this year. It is actually a major marker for the first half of the Twenty-first Century. The players are: Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom, travel, and exaggeration. (think Ted Nugent or Margaret Mead); Chiron, the maverick asteroid that synthesizes genius with compassion to bust denial and heal wounds (think Bono or Oprah); and Neptune, the elusive planet of mysteries, compassion, naiveté, transcendence and confusion (think Gwenyth Paltrow or Elijah Wood). 

They are all uniting in the rebellious, universalistic, impulsive, futuristic sign of Aquarius. You may already be feeling restless or crazy, yearning for or resisting a big change. The focus should be “How am I affecting Humanity?” The worldview must be inclusive. Old habits and personal dramas do not serve us or anyone else at this time. Open your awareness to anything unlikely. Be versatile and nimble. The ground rules are changing big-time. Learn to tolerate ambiguity and to identify your true intuition. Babe is a precious movie about individuality and community that I recommend re-visiting at this time.

Chiron and Neptune are tricky factors in the equation. Chiron sometimes reveals corruption or shocks us into compassion. Neptune’s blind optimism, open empathy and desire for rapture sometimes leads to deception or disappointment. Aquarius “rules” science and technology. As of this writing, information about the swine flu is reflecting the weird soup we are in. Did they space out on the data? Who screwed up? Is it a ploy to sell pharmaceuticals? Is it a false alarm? Is it rogue biowarfare cells that escaped a lab? Is it pure media hype? Is it meant to give us compassion for the living conditions of animals in factory farms? The real is unreal and the unreal is real. The ethical use of scientific advancements in a global age is entering new territory.

I am prone to opt for optimism and faith. Saturn will come along in September and bring any unchecked foolish idealisms back to reality. Spend the Memorial Day weekend in the company of fellowship/sisterhood. Be high-spirited and tender and direct the good vibrations toward subtle or active service.

On May 7 Mercury, the communication planet, turns tail and functions oddly for 3 weeks until May 30. It starts in Gemini so the computer tricksters and appointment gremlins may frustrate us. If you reserve yourself for an internal perspective and listen to your intuition, you can integrate information that has been coming in since January. If you are spinning out into new connections, you are operating against the tide. The second 2 weeks of the period, Mercury will be in Taurus. Notice how your self worth is tied to your cash income. Examine your motives for wanting to buy things. Shopping to alleviate boredom or angst won’t work very well. Streamline your possessions and give things away. Be grateful the resources that you have that are useful and pleasurable. Watch the Adam Sandler movie Spanglish to assist you in examining your values.

As always during Mercury retrograde, back up your computer before May 7, triple confirm arrangements, and avoid buying cars or electronics, or signing important contracts. Being in Nature can help you commune with your Spirit.

June Dream Circle Options
WORKSHOP - Saturday June 13, 10:00am- 6:00pm
$85 at my home in Southwest Austin

We will take a whole day to go deeply into dream-time. We will have individual sharing with feedback from the group, and also some experiential exercises for working with night dreams you have journaled.

I will help to integrate the messages from your psyche with your current Astrological influences. Each person’s wisdom is honored and power is fostered. All you need to bring is a record or memory of a few dreams. No experience with dream-work or astrology is necessary.

WEEKLY CLASS - 7 Sundays, June 21 – August 2
$150 5:00-7:00pm at my home

We build a resonant dream field as we share together (as explained above) over time. I extended this circle an extra week to allow for vacation absences.

Please call me for more details : 512-291-8299 or email laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com

The Chemistry of Love
Save the date! This August I will co-teach with Pammyla Brooks an enlightening workshop on one of our favorite subjects! The workshop will take place August 1, 1-4 pm at NiaSpace $55 (early registration by July 15, $45). I will offer just enough simple astrology for you to get in trouble or get busy! This class is primarily for people who are dating or wish they were. More details coming in the next newsletter, or read more and use Paypal to register now at this link: http://www.pammyla.com/ChemistryofLove.html



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