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One Giant Leap for Mankind

The biggest astrological news of the year and kick-off into the next decade will happen between May 26th and June 8th.  Once every 13 to 14 years the two most change-making freedom-loving planets combine forces and catapult us into totally new systems and actions. The players are: Uranus, the "Rebel Forces" and futuristic planet, and Jupiter the Exploration and Wisdom Seeking planet. This time the conjunction has great potency because it is at the beginning degree of the zodiac. This zero degree "Aries Point" historically affects the general public and world at large.

Uranus and Jupiter joined in the sign of Aries in 1927. Aries is associated with pioneering, gumption, rugged individualism, passion, sports, and sometimes aggression. Some striking events were: Lindbergh flew solo over the Atlantic Ocean, Chiang Kai-Sheck took power in China and Stalin took power in Russia, the first movie with a sound track, "The Jazz Singer" opened, the first transatlantic telephone call happened, Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs, and Great Britain gave independence to Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  

In 1969, Uranus and Jupiter joined at zero degrees of Libra, the sign of peace, as humans first walked on the moon. This time is linked by planetary cycles to the upcoming conjunction in June. Early in 1997, the last time they joined, the stimulus was in Aquarius, the sign of sciences, and Dolly the sheep, the first cloned animal, was born. Can you remember taking a risk that excited you in 1997? For 4 years I have been predicting the summer of 2010 as a youth revolution that will make the 60's look like the Muleshoe Texas Junior Miss Parade. Iran is a likely starting place. Now I recognize with the election in the United Kingdom, that there will be great reformation in elections and legislative bodies worldwide. Our current democracy barely resembles what Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin had in mind. Pluto, the Transformation planet is working to uncover corruption and purify our societal institutions. 

The Full MontyAries, our influence this summer is the most masculine sign in the zodiac. It says, "I gotta' be me!" One of my favorite films from 1997 is The Full Monty. A group of men, most of them steel workers, make a journey from the despair of unemployment, to a triumph of creative initiative. The movie tenderly, truthfully, and very humorously explores what it is to be a man in our culture. Soon we will all have our masculine side offer a boost of energy to take a risk and enter new territory. 

Mars the action planet enters the "Worker Bee" sign of Virgo on June 7th. This passage, until late July will modify some of the impulsive action in Aries. We can plan and nail down detailed steps for achieving our new goals.   

Women's Dream Circle Workshop

Saturday MAY 29
10 AM- 6 PM
Location: My home in Southwest Austin

The whirl of activity can make us frazzled. The excitement of risk can be scary. Join other women for a day of refuge, delight, caring and wisdom as we explore guidance from the Soul in our dreams. We will take a whole day to go deeply into dream- time and share a resonant dream field. We will have individual sharing with feedback from the group, and also some experiential exercises for working with night dreams you have journaled. We always have an amazing co-empowerment in these circles.

I will assist by framing your dreams with your current Astrological influences. I am very curious how the big planetary changes will show up in our dream images. The psyche can be our anchor and guide. Each person's wisdom is honored and power is fostered. All you need to bring is a record or memory of a few dreams. No experience with dream-work or astrology is necessary.

Call 512-291-8299 for details.



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