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New Moon In Gemini - June '05

I Won’t Tell If You Won’t Tell
Every year, for the month following the New Moon in Gemini, it is a good time to observe the words that rattle around in your head and come out your mouth. How can we use the profound power and sacredness of the spoken word and still view life in a lighthearted and humorous way? There are lots of ways to connect with people. Suspend your usual stories and do some listening.

In your personal life, it is very important to regard what you have learned about power communications in your relationships and sexual life since lat May and June. Our New Moon activates the area of the zodiac where Venus eclipsed the Sun last year. If we have worked deeply and honestly, we should have a lot of progress to celebrate. What is the true, profound gift of your feminine side? June 25th –27th is an opportunity to consider how our family acculturation may still be affecting our fears and needs in relationship. Still? Yep, its progress, not perfection as we shamble around on this Earth plane.

The June 6 New Moon chart set for Washington D.C. looks like lots of secret memos, leaks, or sneaky propaganda is going on. George W. Bush will have the only pass of his Saturn return on June 18th. I have predicted that this passage should bring a difficult karmic reckoning, but frankly, unless he has a health difficulty (which might be kept secret) his Saturn return might bring a further consolidation of his power and authority. His goal in life is to preserve and protect the conservative structures of the past and of his political dynasty family. The rest of the summer his chart looks like a lot of popularity and floating on a pink cloud.

Starting this fall there will be a 1-year transit of Jupiter through Scorpio, which will radically activate people who are between 24 and 30 years old. They are a ferocious impulsive bunch of energy wizards who have a deep personal mythology of fighting evil empires. We will find out what their political values are, probably in the streets. Of course, astrological energies are global. It is important to realize that it is the destiny of political leaders to be a reflection and shadow figure for each of us.

If you disapprove of GWB’s ethics and policies, resenting him will tie you to him with an umbilical cord of negative energy. With Saturn in the sign of Cancer (the rules and fears of clans) it has been “On Time” astrologically for the last two years to help the USA assess how much we want to preserve the traditions of the past and to clarify what is outmoded so we can release it and proceed to the future. Bush is just a figure to crystallize this important issue. I think that the compromise between the moderates in our 2 political parties on the Federal Judge issue is a very significant development.

Mars Enters Aries – Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire
Spend the next 10 days appreciating the gentleness of your Inner Space Cadet (Mars in Pisces) and then buckle up for the evening of June 11 when Mars enters Aries. We will have tremendous energy, drive, passion and the will to take risks. Aries wants, wants, wants, with little consideration for others.

Until July 28, watch out for forest fires and temper tantrums. We can accomplish a lot in a damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead sort of way. Bashing around can be exhilarating, but don’t overdo physical activity in the summer heat. If you find yourself in a new attraction, the masculine person will rush things. You will overdo something in the next 7 weeks. In your fight to prevail, don’t alienate everyone around you. “The Competition” may be a worthy opponent who brings out the best in you.


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