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Ain’t We Ridin’ On The Freeway

The third week of June is like a highway interchange complete with rush hour slow and go, so I am going to approach this month chronologically. On Friday June 16 the Sun, how we shine and accomplish, is opposite the intense power principle Pluto. It is in intellectual signs so there is a possibility for profound insights but they may come from deep soul searching and the emotion that can accompany it. The light-hearted trickster faces the righteous preacher within us. If the rock star Bono can come to an agreement with the son of Billy Graham about AIDS relief in Africa, your small conflicts and projections can find a balance too. Reach for Universal principles like gratitude and love.

The weekend has an antsy restless flavor as erratic, inventive, rebellious Uranus slows in approach to its retrograde turning point. Then Sunday, (Clunk! was that the transmission?) we begin a set of demanding encounters, delays and choice points. Mars, Bold Action, has to work in synergy with Saturn, Mister Accountability. Mars in Leo wants to look important. (How’d you get those pants so tight?”) Saturn wants to accomplish something important (“Give me my propers! R-E-S-P-E-C-T”). Astrologers usually interpret this combination as a frustration.

If you feel knocked down by something you might feel like Terry Malloy, Marlon Brando’s character in On the Waterfront, saying that famous line, “I could have had class, I could have been a contender, I could have been somebody!” If your pride is miffed it is time to dip into the well of self-love and be sure that your desire was in integrity with your soul’s purpose in life. Re-group and patiently find the best manner, time and place to express yourself. A refinement may take time, but you may make important discoveries in the process. Moving right along, by Thursday, smoldering emotional Jupiter in Scorpio will have us trying to exert some control over things. You will need to let your heart participate with your head. Keep your dream alive and you will build good results over the next 2 years.

June 21 brings the Solstice, always a powerful day, and it is making a cross with destiny and soul growth indicators (the Moon’s Nodes) at 0 degrees of Aries, the beginning point of the zodiac. Zero Aries is initiative put into action and this particular activation happens once every 19 years. This new cycle often brings a dramatic world political event. The Aries will can sometimes take the form of aggression, but it is best used for desiring something new and innocent. Since the Nodes move opposite the directions of the planets, we will shift on the next day to a 2-year period when care, discernment and order in the daily affair of our lives make a grounded foundation. This foundation can launch us into glimpses of extraordinary realms of the vast nature of our spiritual being. It is truly the dance between Earth and Heaven. We will balance our competence with our compassion as we explore new states of consciousness and let these states seep back in to walk our daily path with more wonder and faith.


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