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Dear Friends,

The Women’s Dream Circle begins on Sunday June 1. Please see more information below. I just returned from 6 days at the largest international Astrology Conference in the world and learned amazing things that will add more depth to my readings. I am juiced up to serve you with a reading. Call soon, 512-291-8299.

I am firming up plans to give readings and events in New Mexico the last two weeks of July. If you know anyone in Silver City, Albuquerque and (perhaps) Santa Fe please send him or her my newsletter. I will announce final plans, lest they change, after Mercury goes direct on June 19.


PREDICTIONS THROUGH 2012, a two hour lecture, is now available on CD. ORDER A COPY HERE.


And as the surface breaks reflections fade
But in some ways they remain the same
And as my mind begins to spread its wings
There’s no stopping curiosity.                  
                                                  Jack Johnson

In the month of June there is not a single outstanding astrological event, so I will report on some passages that may affect your changes in mood this month.

June 2 is a good day for action or visioning to assist your aspirations for the future of humanity. Chiron, representing healing and genius, connects with the soul growth indicator, the North Node. They are in the transcendental futuristic sign of Aquarius. You may be inspired in your efforts toward social or planetary justice, or really enjoy participating in your personal communities. This combo may be a denial buster with some surprising political news.

The New Moon on June 3 sets the template for the month and favors all kinds of communication and information gathering. See my newsletter archives for May 08, where I wrote about Mercury Retrograde and mentioned new ideas about feminine grace affecting our communications June 6-9. Re-connect with people you enjoy talking to but perhaps haven’t seen in a long time. Re negotiate your inner dialogue and amuse yourself with your mental chatter. I noticed that this part of the zodiac will be stimulated again by a major astrological configuration that is exact on November 4, Election Day. Watch for news if you are interested in that race. Because the data- collecting planet is going backwards, things that happen in June may change of be un-done next fall.

On June 13, Pluto returns to the sign of Sagittarius, and remains there for a last go-round completing a 13-year historical period. We are integrating the effects of religious, racial and nationalistic fanaticism. The destructive nature of Pluto is meant to cleanse corruption and hopefully has taught humanity, at a great price, to be tolerant and curious about diverse belief systems. Be inspired by adventure movies for children, such as the Narnia chronicles. The evil monster may be whapping its tail around in its death throes, but it is going down! Sagittarius also affects bodies of wisdom such as religions, laws and courts, and Universities. They have weathered destruction and scandals, which in the long run will purify these institutions and update them to fit the Age of Aquarius.

Around July 22-27, you may be feeling antsy, acting slap-dash, or scratching your head about unexpected outcomes. Uranus, the great awakener and shock wave planet shakes things up close to the time it turns retrograde. This happens regularly every year and is not felt as keenly as other planetary backups. I mention it in case you are pulling your hair and flailing around like Kramer on Seinfeld.

Women’s Dream Circle

We meet for 6 Sundays June 1 through July 6 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at my house in Southwest Austin. The investment for the class is $150.

This is a dream sharing and appreciation group. We work with nighttime dreams we have journaled and share our wisdom and support. We always have empowering and transforming results. My contribution includes tracking how the current planetary passages are showing up as symbols in your dreams. It is an especially useful experience to guide people in transition. You need absolutely no knowledge of astrology to participate in the Dream Circles. Please call me at 291-8299 or email laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com

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