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Dear Friends,

I am running a special offering of 30 minute phone sessions to explore the effects of the Grand Cross energy in your life and to use them for your advancement. The investment is $65 and runs through July 31st . This offer is a good introduction to personal work with me, or a great quickie check- in for current clients. Call me at 512-291-8299. Please forward this newsletter, especially to someone who has been “running wild” for the last few weeks. Also note another Women’s Dream Circle Workshop in Austin on Saturday July 17. 


Crossroads Lunar Eclipse
The eclipse of the Moon is a turning point that will catapult us forward into the coming year, the next decade, and the new Century. It forms a "Grand Cross" at the initiation point of the zodiac. This zero Aries point usually stimulates world changing events and the dynamic geometric placement of the planets demands action (see the archive of my May newsletter for more explanation). This eclipse is a time for shedding old attachments and experimenting with new concepts. In the last 2 or 3 weeks we stepped into a free spirited choice and surprised ourselves. Perhaps an exciting action or behavior “out of character” shattered old beliefs. Now we begin to meet challenges that test the new mode. They may come from media influences, overwhelm with details, the funding, or from old family customs gnawing at the solar plexus.

The Full Moon every year at the end of June or first 3 weeks of July is always an extra emotional time. The creatures in the Gulf of Mexico are trying to go back to their ancient nesting grounds and they can’t survive there now. Great grief is in order. You can’t go back to the past now or your spirit will be mired in gunk. The wave of the future (assuming it is not self-destructive) must over-ride your instincts to play it safe. There is a hero’s journey now to navigate through personal life consequences from the shadow of dying economic and political structures, and to emerge free to give our gift. 

If your aspiration is an expression of your heart and soul and your objective is service, God will open doors for you. Your path may switch directions several times. Stay aware, flexible, and courageous. Your little ego is eager now so take responsibility for balancing your desires with the desires of others. 

Matt Damon AfricaI love the inspiration of sports movies, and the zeal of sports is one of the characteristics of the Aries archetype we are experiencing. The film Invictus tells the story of Nelson Mandela’s support of the South African rugby team as a unifying factor for opposing factions after years of conflict in his country. With his gentle leadership based in high spiritual truth and consistent Love, everyone in the movie changed old concepts and walked a new path of reconciliation. Director Clint Eastwood was heavy-handed with his message, but it still touched my heart. 

Women's Dream Circle Workshop

Saturday July 17
10 AM- 6 PM
Location: My home in Southwest Austin

Picasso Sleeping WomanThe whirl of activity can make us frazzled. The excitement of risk can be scary. Join other women for a day of refuge, delight, caring and wisdom as we explore guidance from the Soul in our dreams. We will take a whole day to go deeply into dream- time and share a resonant dream field. We will have individual sharing with feedback from the group, and also some experiential exercises for working with night dreams you have journaled. We always have an amazing co-empowerment in these circles.

I will assist by framing your dreams with your current Astrological influences. I am very curious how the big planetary changes will show up in our dream images. The psyche can be our anchor and guide. Each person's wisdom is honored and power is fostered. All you need to bring is a record or memory of a few dreams. No experience with dream-work or astrology is necessary.

Call 512-291-8299 for details or email:   laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com.



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