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June Astrology News 2011

Dear Friends,

I desire a summer vacation away from Texas. If you would like to organize and sponsor me to speak or teach and give readings in your town, let's make some mutually prosperous plans.


A Slow Hand
Jupiter in Taurus

It is time to take the bold enthusiasms that started last winter and stabilize your efforts into concrete results. A cluster of planets in the productive leisurely sensuous sign of Taurus has already been affecting us and gets a super boost on June 5th. That day, the abundance planet Jupiter will enter Taurus for the first time in 12 years and remain in Taurus until next June. Taurus is the sign most related to Mother Earth. We will pay attention and draw delight from Nature.

Taurus is the “show me the money” sign and we will find ways to fund the projects that we have plunged into. Taurus builds security in a patient way. People with a Taurus sun sign enjoy shopping and treasure their possessions. Their real concern is security. Give a  Taurus a tasty dish of food, pleasant music to hear, a yummy smell in the air, and a texture that pleases his skin and you can watch him experience Heaven on Earth. We can all share this kind of appreciation as the year unfolds.

This is a great year to get outdoors, enjoy and grow plants, commune with trees and bring fresh flowers into the house. Play soothing music in your environments and get massages and snuggle with people or pets. Take your time and savor preparing, blessing, and eating your meals. Really look at the decorative materials and features of your house and beautify in some new ways. 

Make a ceremony altar and put your cash, checkbook, credit cards and account statements on it. Bless all that you own and declare that it is a medium for exchanging Spiritual energy with your world. Express gratitude for all the enjoyable possessions that you have and all of the marvelous inventions that you get to use. Recognize that your creditors extended resource to you and be grateful as you pay them back.

Donate some funds to share your bounty. Affirm that Spirit is the source of your supply and review all the ways that you have been supported by Abundant Good for your whole life. Practice contentment with where you are and what you have now. From there, your natural guidance will show you the next way to grow and expand.


Venus and Mars just joined forces in Taurus on May 23 and began a 2 year cycle in love relations, and all other kinds of relationships. Take your time to build trust. Enjoy physical affection. Align with your security plans for your future together. In 2000 when Jupiter was in Taurus, the movie Chocolat was very popular. Juliette Binoche played a single mother who settles in a tiny provincial French town and scandalizes the local citizens by keeping her chocolate shop open during church on Sunday. Her sensuous easy manner and fantastic treats win people over to joie de vivre. Her boyfriend is played by Johnny Depp at his sensitive Gypsy, yummy bad-boy finest.

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought,and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” G.K. Chesterton

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The year ahead holds great possibility for change and spiritual growth for you and our Planet. I will describe the energy, how to apply it, what to avoid and how to maximize it. I will make some references to long-term cycles and the emphasis will be direct application to your life.

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