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Saturn in Leo- July '05

The Lion in Winter
Saturn, the planet of authority, discipline, and fears expresses in a different sign every 21/2 years. On July 16 Saturn enters Leo and will stay there until September of 2007. Saturn disciplines or represses us and challenges us to perform our duties. Leo is the inspirational fire sign of the childlike ego, risk, and extravagance. People born with Saturn in Leo tend to take life seriously and be afraid to play. They can be overbearing and willful because they combine the controlling of Saturn with Leo, the sign of the King.

On a personal level this energy may feel like “We aren’t having any fun here.” There won’t be much tolerance for frivolity and the arts may lose a lot of funding or be censored. If the energy is used in a transcendent way, the society may value the way that arts contribute to civilization and take responsibility for supporting them and integrating them more into education. The superstars we admire for their artificial glamour (they are our royalty) will be using their influence and wealth for more concrete social contributions.
The best way to handle this passage is to structure our creativity by working hard at improving our crafts and learning new skills for expressing ourselves. Carve out time and space in your life to make “your Baby” the best it can be and persevere to get it out there. We must administer our personal power in a way that uses our will for service. If the recognition and wealth that result from sharing our gifts is spent on meaningless conspicuous consumption, we will feel a loss of opportunity. If we offer our gifts humbly, we can have true satisfaction and gratification.

Leo is also associated with the flattery and mutual recognition of the romantic spark. It is the joy of graciously and generously sharing love. If your motivation for relationship is narcissistic, Saturn will take your ego down a notch. If you are seeking romance you will be more discerning about choosing someone who matches your level of attainment. If you are in a dead-end relationship, you will be evaluating the cost of your misery.

When Saturn is in Leo there are many changes of political regimes and national borders. Sometimes despots gain power and other times they are toppled. The old model of Saturn in Leo would be the overachieving super entitled Student Council President (male, of course with a Dentyne gleam in his perfect smile). We still elect our leaders on the basis of this image. Revisit the movie “Election” with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. However the world has changed. The superconsciousness has been electrified by passages of Uranus, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. Aquarius represents the cooperation and collectivity of equals in community. Chiron in Aquarius (triumph of the nerds) will be opposite Saturn in Leo demanding that genius from the rank and file is what the world needs. A concern for humanity must be the motivation for sharing our achievements. The mavericks will be the people who are getting things done.

Mercury In Retrograde– July22 through August 15
We will be reconsidering, revising, and reworking our spending, social life, romances and kids for 3 weeks while Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Leo. It is not a good time to invest in luxury items, electronics or cars. Summer travel may be frustrating, but don’t cancel a trip, just be patient about mistakes. Pay attention on August 5th. You may have a new creative idea. Take note, but don’t take action until after August 15th. An Old May flame may look you up or bump into you. Reminisce about how fun it was when love was fresh and new.


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