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Check out The Chemistry of Love Class I am co-teaching with Pamela Brooks on August 1. It is $35 for early registration. See the details below.

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Total Eclipse of the Heart
(Well, not quite)
Eclipses move through the signs of the zodiac for about 1 ½ year periods and they are timers that mark emphasis and transition points in your life. The eclipses have moved into the polarity of Cancer- family, home and private life versus Capricorn- achievement, leadership, and contribution to the world. The growth and action side of the equation is Capricorn. It is time to step into your destiny and activate your mission in life. This is an interesting challenge because Pluto in Capricorn is currently destroying and transforming all of the large social institutions. Eclipses move with the Nodes of the Moon. Without getting technical, just know that the last time these placements cycled was 1990-91, and 1971-72.

During eclipses we experience time in a different way and things that begin under an eclipse such as new acquaintances or endeavors may have a “shadow” over them. That is, something may be hidden from view that you find out about later.

The July 21 Solar eclipse represents a new process in the sign of Cancer. This is a cautious, sentimental, conservative energy. Take it easy for a few days and be domestic. It is a good time for family contact and healing. A lot of couples will decide to start having babies. Connect with your kindred spirits and notice where you feel that you truly belong. The eclipse may bring disturbances that make you long for closer peeps. If your housing or your town is not the right place for you, you may feel motivated to move.

The eclipse may show you knee jerk behaviors of over-care for others or emotional drama rooted in childhood. You can witness and release what no longer contributes to your advancement and free yourself for a changing future. If the heart is nurtured, we have the love foundation and esteem motivation to build our careers.

Two of my favorite family movies are “Juno” and “Parenthood”. Family is the place where people know our whole history, and love each other despite our eccentricities.

Juno:  My dad had this weird obsession with Roman or Greek mythology or something and he decided to name me after Zeus' wife.
Mark:  Zeus' wife?
Juno: Yeah and I mean Zeus had tons of lays but I'm pretty sure Juno was his only wife. And apparently she was supposed to be super beautiful but really mean, like Diana Ross.

The Chemistry of Love Class

Saturday August 1, 1-4 pm
$35 advance registration
$45 at the door

Location: Niaspace
3212 South Congress Ave.

Learn some very simple astrology for dating and relating.

  • Astrology Sign Compatibility
  • How do Mars and Venus aspects explain love and chemistry with others?
  • How to find favorable times to meet someone or to relate in my partnership?

The person who refers the most friends to the class wins a 1 hour astrology reading!

Early registrants (by July 20) will be entered in a drawing for a personalized forecast.

To register or get more information: http://pammyla.com/ChemistryofLove.html  



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