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This Saturday July 17 is the Women’s Dream Circle Workshop. Also please note my new Academic Advising Special for anyone from Junior High School all the way through Graduate Degree or Vocational Programs. Explore your best career path and to examine your personalized Geographic Astrology for your optimum success locations. I continue to offer the Grand Cross Energy special until August 1. Thanks for forwarding my newsletter to friends I can benefit.


Here Comes De Judge
The end of July from the 26th through August 10th brings a planetary configuration that astrologers anticipated for years. We have been activated, excited and rash since early June. Are you darting around following impulses? It is fun to take risks! This is the Aries revolution that joined the freedom- Jackie Chan The Karate Kidloving planets Uranus and Jupiter. Now, Saturn “The Manager”, disciplined, achievement- oriented, cautious and patient moves opposite the Rebel. This time is like a frenetic enthusiastic teen-ager meeting a dignified Supreme Court Justice. I have not seen the new movies, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice or The Karate Kid. As always, the archetypes in the movies fit the planetary cycles. The experienced elder guides the raw energy of the youngster.

Our new realizations may smack into our cultural conditioning. If Saturn in the elegant, sociable, aesthetic sign of Libra brings up fear we may feel like a dork on a bad hair day. Your inner voices can speak with kindness and maturity. Appreciate your sincere desire for love and acceptance. When planets are in opposition, we have a temptation to judge others, especially our romantic or business significant others. Have the courage to listen, to be diplomatic, and to grow together. Evaluate and communicate the highest good for both parties. Honor that one person is bringing innovation and passion. The other person is guiding the practicalities and the social contribution. Let your mantras be, "Pause and Breathe", and "I Can Cooperate."

Women's Dream Circle Workshop

Saturday July 17
10 AM- 6 PM
Location: My home in Southwest Austin

Moon GoddessThe whirl of activity can make us frazzled. The excitement of risk can be scary. Join other women for a day of refuge, delight, caring and wisdom as we explore guidance from the Soul in our dreams. We will take a whole day to go deeply into dream- time and share a resonant dream field. We will have individual sharing with feedback from the group, and also some experiential exercises for working with night dreams you have journaled. We always have an amazing co-empowerment in these circles.

I will assist by framing your dreams with your current Astrological influences. I am very curious how the big planetary changes will show up in our dream images. The psyche can be our anchor and guide. Each person's wisdom is honored and power is fostered. All you need to bring is a record or memory of a few dreams. No experience with dream-work or astrology is necessary.

Call 512-291-8299 for details or email:   laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com.


Academic Advising Reading

Do you have a kid, age 14 or older who is contemplating class choices or choosing a degree plan? Or is your darling at home in his 20’s still figuring out what job or business is best to go for? Astrology can assist him or her to validate her passions and heart’s desires and to mold the optimum preparation for a brilliant career. “How will I feel and will I be successful if I leave home to study somewhere else?” The reading includes an overview of Geographic Astrology in the USA to outline powerful planetary energies that affect her in different locations. This one hour reading is $125 and includes an mp3 recording of the session and geographic astrology maps. I will pilot this reading now, tweak the time and the price, and make it a permanent offering on my menu of services. Please share this info with other Moms and Dads from your kid’s school!

Grand Cross Reading
The most powerful eclipse in 11 years this July segues into the energy described in this current newsletter. Another chapter unfolds in Mid- August. I am running a special offering of 30 minute phone sessions to explore the effects of the Grand Cross energy in your life and to use them for your advancement. The investment is $65 and it goes through August 1st . This offer is a good introduction to personal work with me, or a great quickie check- in for current clients. Call me at 512-291-8299. Please forward this newsletter, especially to someone who has been “running wild” for the last few weeks.



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