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Mars in Taurus –August 05

Stuck On You
On July 28, Mars entered the sign of Taurus and because of a retrograde(backward) motion, in early October, we will be working with this energy for over 6 months until February 18. There is money to be made from your own efforts (as opposed to market investments). Don’t ever ask me about markets. If I were a good financial astrologer, I would be retired to a lagoon in Thailand or a grenadine farm in Otovalo, Ecuador. Ray Merriman has a good financial astrology column on the website www.stariq.com .

Mars has to do with activity, motivation and application of will. It is the initiator and the warrior. In Taurus it is slowed to a deliberate, steady, acquisitive expression. Taurus works within the continuum between patience and stubbornness. A key phrase for Taurus is “what I hold”. We possess physical objects, our own body, and also personal values. Mars in Taurus is concerned with constructive direction toward safety, self-sufficiency, and physical gratification. We can be steadfast and consistent at this time.

Until February we will examine the ways that we make our money and how we spend and save it. Taurus loves luxury and shopping but would rather not pay retail. Taurus is a collector and having something may be more prized than using it. This is an excellent time to learn about what you think you deserve. Mars in Taurus can be overly possessive or lazy. In our stressed out world, it might be good to honor a slowing of pace, but don’t get indolent. A lot of people have been telling me they need naps. In more civilized cultures, the siesta is an institution that contributes to health.

Because Taurus is associated with beauty and sensuality, and Mars desires, we have yet another factor shining a spotlight on sex. (See the archived newsletter from December 2004 under News to read other current influences about that topic). If your relationship is getting stale, it is prime time for a seductive evening. You can get really lush with Mars in Taurus. Make an outrageously rich meal. How does Poulet en Cocotte Bon Femme sound? Kick the garlic up a notch. You can’t spread the mango body butter on too thick at this time. Scented candles etc. etc. are in order. You know what to do and how to do it. Ah yes, burning the sexy mix CD. Ray Charles and Betty Carter? Whitesnake? Bossacucanova? Don’t Phunk With My Heart? Whatever bobs your cork. This should get the old Bull snorting if he doesn’t crash from the carbo load first.

If your romance is with yourself, go ahead and do all the pampering and treat yourself just like they suggest in the self- help books. Be really present with your physical sensations and appetites. Savor and be grateful for the abundance of good things in your life. Have a yummy time.

I’ll report more about the retrograde in the October newsletter.


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