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Venus represents love, partnership, pleasure and values. It just went backwards on Friday July 27th and goes forward on September 8. When planets retrograde, that function in our lives works in an abnormal way. Our perspective changes and we react differently. If we try to use it in a usual way, we encounter frustration, disappointments, or confusion. If we are open to introspection, re-negotiation, and information from our soul, we integrate past experiences and can allow a breadth of choices that never occurred to us before. All of us operate often on automatic pilot, even if we lead the self-examined life. In a Venus retrograde we come more from instinct than from cultural conditioning. Love is such a vulnerable arena of life that many of us operate from former wounds. Venus will show us what is out of balance.

Venus turned around when it was barely into the sign of Virgo and spends most of this period in the sign of Leo. The positive side of Leo is warm, active, risk-taking, and romantic. The unskillful side of Leo is prideful, childish and embarrassingly self-centered. Leo loves to show off and to receive praise. Isn’t attention and acknowledgement from others what makes early romance feel so good? Leo is also prone to drama, which can engulf you at this time.

Venus moving forward in Leo is like Reese Witherspoons’s character in “Legally Blonde”. She is outgoing and shameless about seeking what she wants. She knows she is adorable and feels completely deserving of the best. At first you feel superior to her W.A.S.P. princess superficiality. You find out that she is generous and brilliant and end up really liking her. With the off-kilter retrograde influencing us we can feel the opposite- insecurity. You may be thrown back to adolescence, when we are first concerned about how appealing we are. Recall the “Fresh breath is a priority in my life” days depicted in the movie “Sixteen Candles”. If you feel awkward, love the Geek within you. If your relationship feels dead, rent “American Pie” and laugh together. If you are feeling discouraged, listen to Sly and the Family Stone or 10,000 Maniacs. Everyone is unique and completely eccentric! Celebrate that fact.

Venus retrograde may conjure up old loves like the Ghosts of Christmas Past. You may bump back into a flirtation that never got off the ground before, or project past dynamics from a major relationship onto your current partner. (not fair!) You may find yourself magnetically attracted to someone on the basis of acting-out that you thought you had way outgrown. It is all material for self- awareness. Listen to music from times of past love experiences, the wonderful and the horrible. Let your right brain bring up your imprinting so that you can consciously clear your energy field of outmoded expectations. Breathe and be grateful for your growth. Venus direct wants to be passionate and enjoy all your interactions. Let Venus retrograde teach you to be compassionate, especially with yourself.

From “American Pie”:

Vicky: I want it to be the right time, the right place

Jessica: It’s not a space shuttle launch, its SEX

Women’s Dream Circle
Sundays at 5:30 to 7:30 we will meet at my home in Southwest Austin for 8 weeks beginning September 16 through October 21.
The investment for the class is $150.

We will share dreams we have journaled, support each other’s trust in our intuition and inner guidance, and share our powerful gifts. We always have an amazing group of women and lots of growth in our lives. My contribution includes interpretations based on your current astrological transits that show up symbolically in your dream images. You need absolutely no knowledge of astrology to participate in the Dream Circles. Call 291-8299. e-mail: astromaven@prodigy.net or laura@LauraWaldmanAstrology.com.



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