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August Astrology News 2011

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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo
I'm a Little Verklempt

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From August 2 -August 26 I recommend the mantra, “I choose to make this interaction easy” because the planet of communication will be working in perverse ways in the sign of details, Virgo. Remember, perverse only means working with a twist or turn. Mercury was retrograde in Virgo last summer and it did seem like a trickster was afoot in the cognitive realm of life. This time is best used as a retrospective pause to refine plans that were made since last April.

Beware of new interactions with bureaucracies. Your case could get lost in the ozone forever. It is not prime time to make new job applications or launch a new business, or buy a new vehicle. If you are seeking employment, it is fine to check back with former contacts or interviewers. Virgo likes to have a detailed plan and tic each step off the list. Virgo abhors seat-of-the-pants risks. In a retrograde, forget the list. We all have an opportunity to follow inner guidelines and view life from a subjective place. If you must work with details, you may find new meaning in them.

Our minds will be particularly airy-fairy in this retrograde because on July 29, in the dark of the moon, when we are supposed to be letting go of things, 3 days before the retrograde starts, Mercury will be opposite Neptune, the planet of spirit, illusion, and sometimes deception. It will criss-cross back over Neptune on its backward path again on August 8th, and the process will complete on September 8. This calls for inner work, solitude, reverie and naps. When it is 107 degrees outside, mammals are supposed to nap anyway!

You may find yourself tearing up as the compassion from Neptune melts your social conditioning. Go with the flow and be patient in every way that you can. Your disorientation could provide a new orientation, if you trust your gut. Here is another mantra: “I am a master of surrender.” If you resist this fog, you will be tearing your hair out with frustrations. Jump in a deep pool of water or visit the ocean. If someone offers you a something-for-nothing deal, guess what you will get out of it.

In other planetary matters, be very aware between August 8-11 because tempers could flare. There may be surprises and violence in the culture, so spread your Love Light around. You may act out impulsively so take responsibility and don't expect the aftermath to meet your expectations. Find a constructive physical outlet for your wild hair.

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