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September 05

The last two weeks of September are very dynamic astrologically. The most important principles to keep in mind are flexibility and adjustment. Some planets are rubbing each other the wrong way and causing tension and irritability. We have to be like tennis players- go deep into the back of the court (stabilize yourself and concentrate). Stay on your toes ready to shift and meet unexpected things coming from odd directions. You have to be adjustable and still have clarity about the direction of your response. Saturn will inconjunct Uranus on September 20. Structures and plans for achievement and leadership (Saturn in Leo) are getting sideswiped by a universal compassion and idealism that may feel chaotic (Uranus in Pisces). Are our dreamiest spiritual concepts about life really a bunch of bull, or are they what makes life worth living? Will we really be able to achieve our worldly aspirations, be proud of ourselves, and leave something tangible behind?

The biggest astrological event close the landfall of Hurricane Katrina was about aspirations for equality or denial of equality. New Orleans isn’t the only place in the world where no one wants to deal with the poor people. Economic class separations are perhaps even greater cultural differences than religion, race, or nationality here in this alleged melting pot with “liberty and justice for all”. An abundance of Libra energy was involved. Can we really accept anyone as our equals and compassionately sacrifice some of our resources to balance the scales? The forces of nature do not discriminate, they affect everyone equally. The Libran empathetic response (what if I had lost everything or been separated from my family?) is also part of the larger spiritual growth that can come from a tragedy.

Another astrological picture is happening between September 17 and 22nd with a full moon and then an autumnal equinox giving extra potency. Jupiter and Pluto, both very expansive principles, are in a harmony, but, they are goaded by Mars. Jupiter and Pluto together make for a determined ambition to grow. For example, there are often big corporate take-overs when these planets interface. People are thinking big and somewhat naively. Jupiter in Libra is a slick negotiator who wants a win- win, but also likes to ignore harsh realities and keep things looking pleasant. Pluto in Sagittarius is destroying ancient feuds and fanaticisms to leave a vacuum, which will be filled over many decades by new concepts of political organization. If nations aren’t based on ethnicities or treaty lines after battles, what will the designing principle be??? We don’t know yet. Mars in Taurus forces these intellectual, social and spiritual aspirations to a bottom line- Show me the money. How will physical goods and resources be provided and distributed to pay for planetary change? In a week with 4 slow moving planets interfacing, and Mars activating as well, we all usually undergo important changes so be available for something new in your life.

In our private lives, once again, in the beginning of October the planets will continue to teach us about relationships and sexual politics. Pay attention to the loving dance of what is given and what is received. What is desired and what is provided? Who pays with the cash and who pays with the body? What is the price of love, or at work, relating? Who is dominant and who is submissive? Who is stable and who is exciting? Does the person in the system who appears to be the weakest have the most power by manipulation? Be honest about attraction and repulsion. Jupiter and Pluto will give us some interesting and far- reaching concepts to ponder as they flank an opposition between Mars and Venus. It is even more powerful because it happens just as Mars stops to go backward in the sky at the time of a New Moon Eclipse in the relationship sign of Libra. Design a ceremony about love and harmony with all your relations for October 3. You are getting a clear view in the mirror about everything that has happened with sex and power since early last December. How do you like your results? You still have another year to learn more and share your thoughts, take responsibility for your actions, and then surrender it all up.

UP THE LAZY RIVER- Mars retrograde in Taurus
Mars will operate backwards from October 1 to December 9. We will have to re-do, re-furbish, and re- motivate ourselves from a quiet stable place. Mars, the action principle, inherently does not like to be patient so you will learn about your tolerance for frustration and delayed gratification. If you have to re-work a project recognize that when you are finished it will be based on a more realistic solid foundation. It is a good time to contemplate both your natural hormonal expression of anger and desire and your acculturated expression of anger and desire.

Get massage or other bodywork to release distress from the cellular memory of your tissues. Disciplined work with the muscles for alignment and integrity of the body is also favored at this time. Try Pilates, Yoga or very conscious weight lifting. Go through your possessions and eliminate the ones that do not enhance your life. Contemplate what you have been working toward for expanding your money and refine the application of your will.

AUSTIN CLASSES will meet in my home near William Cannon and Manchaca Road. Call me at 291-8299 or e-mail astromaven@prodigy.net for more information

The Women’s Dream Circle will meet on Sunday Evenings for 6 weeks, October 9 thru November 13,from 6-8 pm. The investment is $135. We will journal and share our dreams and use these deep messages to empower ourselves, validate our inner guidance, and meet our lives gracefully. You need absolutely no knowledge of Astrology to participate. Your dream symbols reflect your current astrological transits so I can use that information to add to the feedback we all share. The group size will be limited to 8 women.

Beginning Level Experiential Astrology Classes will begin on Thursday nights and run for 6 weeks October 6 through November 10. The hours are from 7 to 9 pm and the investment is $135. We will use music, movement, and role-play as an adjunct to lecture for learning the nature of the Signs and Planets and how they are arranged on an Astrology Chart. There will be some brief, fun reading assignments.

If you are interested in an intermediate level astrology class please get in touch and I will schedule one if there are enough students.


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