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September 2006

The Days Grow Short When You Reach September
Fundamentally we have been dealing with the balance between Heaven and Earth, between the numinous mysteries and the very ordinary realities ever since last March. Since mid July we have been in overdrive with meticulous Virgo energy. We have been attending to detail, getting organized, planning, tweaking, analyzing and generally working hard at something useful. But along with this focus on the mundane we have been dallying or ambushed with fantasy, amorphous dream-like states, or even an occasional swoon into a sneak preview of samadhi. We are working with cognitive and psychic dissonance. Being extra impressionable can be confusing, but it is the nature of the time, don’t dismiss it. September 24, a Sunday, is a good day to set aside for creativity, idealism or amazement.

Hopefully you accomplished a lot this summer. One more planet will traverse Virgo (the worker-bee sign) and she is our feminine expression, Venus. That passage lasts from September 6-29. She will impart a confident practical tone and teach us that equilibrium, diplomacy and finesse can serve our gain just as much as vigorous effort. There will be a Solar Eclipse at the extreme degree of Virgo on September 22. It is close to the Equinox which gives it more power. It is a harvest time, but also may bring surprising new developments in the following six months that it influences. Allow for more variability and adaptation in your life. You have a right to change your mind and there is always more than one good answer to any given situation. You don’t always have to do everything right, just be as authentic as you can. We are in a change of season. Let nature be an example for you and teach you to be flexible. Bask in the poignancy of the Indian summer, what has passed, and be invigorated by the first crisp winds, looking ahead.

One by one, planets are moving into the sign of Libra. Mars-action, September 8: Mercury-communication September 12; Sun-self expression, September 23. Libra gives us a break after the consistent efforts and perfectionism of Virgo. You have improved yourself as much as you can for a while. Now accept that sharing whoever you are can be a delight to others. Relax, socialize, enjoy beauty, and communicate in a light flirtatious way. Cultivate the pleasant side of life. A tiny bit of denial never hurt anyone and may open your energy field to more ease. Get out of your mental consternation and view your life as a natural unfolding of grace.

Singles, Libra is the most romantic sign and rules partnering. September 15 and September 23 are good nights to be available for new acquaintances. Initiate online dating or get out into the community and do something you enjoy. Look hot when you go to the health food store, Yoga class, or music venue.

September Classes Still Available!

Women’s Dream Circle- 2 different times. By popular demand, I am facilitating a Women’s Dream Circle on a weekday, Wednesdays at 12:15 pm to 1:45 pm. This group will meet for 7 weeks from September 13 through October 25th at a central Austin location near Barton Springs. The Sunday evening Dream Circle will meet at my home in Southwest Austin from 6 to 8 pm for 6 weeks beginning September 10 through October 15th. The investment for the class is $135.

We will share dreams we have journaled, support each other’s trust in our intuition and inner guidance, and share our powerful gifts. We always have an amazing group of women and lots of growth in our lives. My contribution includes interpretations based on your current astrological transits that show up symbolically in your dream images. You need absolutely no knowledge of astrology to participate in the Dream Circles.

Intermediate Astrology Classes are for people who have a strong sense of the planets and signs. There will be lecture, interactive experiences, and brief reading assignments. With my Mercury in Sagittarius, opposite Uranus, there are always random tidbits of juicy astrological lore.

Series 1 will be a review of Planetary aspects and Houses of the chart. It will meet 3 Thursday evenings September 21st ,28th and October 5th at my home from 7 pm to 9 pm. The fee is $65.

Series 2 will meet for 5 weeks from October 12-November 9. The fee is $115. The class will cover chart integration and interpretation, and prediction methods.

For more details about classes call me at 512-291-8299.


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