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The Beginning Level Astrology Class Starts in 2 weeks, and the Women’s Dream Circle starts on September19. Please see the details below.



During every Mercury retrograde period (where we are currently until September 12), there is a special day when we have a unique perspective or connection that can bring an important concept for planning the next few months. Mercury the Messenger planet meets the Sun, our Life Force and Goals planet. From mentally processing and reinterpreting our past experiences, or from information we have gathered, we think about things differently.

The message that sparks our thinking could very well come from a conversation. The epiphany this time comes from examining details because Mercury and the Sun are in Virgo. If a good new twist of thought comes, record it or write it down. The time for acting on your inspiration is after September 12th.

"Where is My Mind" by The Pixies

Oh - stop
With your feet in the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind


Jupiter backs into the sign of Pisces on September 9th and Uranus already returned to Pisces on August 13th. We get a concluding feel for the slipperiest planetary energy of all. Pisces takes us to the height of compassion and wonder. It also deludes and confused us. Night dreams and pipe dreams abound.

CloudsWe swim in oceanic waters of the subconscious. We can also operate way beyond normal everyday logical life and can touch the Heart of God. It is natural to seek spiritual solitude and to be the armchair explorer. We pull reality out of the ethers, so treasure your energy field and avoid media influences.

Listen to your inner guidance. Forgiveness and Surrender are the most important activities you can do. Allow your emotions to flow, and let them pass quickly like the changing sky. Our exciting activities that began in early June may go onto the back burner. Have faith and check in with your heart to refine your motivations. Our fiery new life will return on January 22 for Jupiter, and March 12 for Uranus when these planets return to Aries.

Beginning Level Astrology Class

September 14-October 19
6 Tuesday Nights
6:45-8:45 pm
Southwest Austin

Do you know that an understanding of someone’s signs will assist you in relating? Have you been amazed by readings and want to know more about astrology? Do you want to use astrology as a tool for self awareness? Have you read some astrology theory and wisdom and wish to know how to read anyone’s chart? Pick my brain! You can be a total novice or organize and apply studies you have already started.

We will go into planets and signs in depth and study the aspects and houses of chart structure. There is a lot of lecture and some fun whole brain learning exercises. We use each other’s charts as examples so you can relate the piece of paper to a real person. There are some brief reading assignments between classes. Call me at 291-8299 or email astromaven@gmail.com

Women’s Dream Circle

September 19-October 24
6 Sundays
Southwest Austin

YemanjaDo you desire a deep connection and guidance from your Inner Being? Would you love to bond with and receive support form an amazing group of wise women? Are your dreams a fascinating puzzle you would like to know more about? Do you want to use a strong planetary emphasis in Pisces, the sign of dreams, to amplify your highest manifestations? Bring your journal or memories of your night time dreams and share in a way that is honoring and safe. You bring recent dreams or you can share memorable dreams from your past. I am a facilitator: We are all the teachers. I have your current astrological passages handy to add a deep layer of understanding to the symbols that show up in your dreams. The group size is limited to give ample time for everyone.

Call me at 291-8299 or email astromaven@prodigy.net



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