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September-October Astrology News 2011

Dear Friends,

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Mars enters Leo

Boy George Mars in LeoThe break in the weather September 19 was accompanied by an Astrological relief as well. For the previous six weeks, since the beginning of August we experienced the cautious, vulnerable expression of Mars in the sign of Cancer.

Now until November 10th, our planet of action, enthusiasm, and personal will can operate more freely in the fiery dramatic sign of Leo. Use this time for enthusiastic self expression, the joy of creativity, and the pleasure of enjoying the good life.

This is the strongest time in over 2 years to release yourself from routine and do something audacious. Be spontaneous and approach life with humor and curiosity. Show off! You deserve attention. Boy George was born with Mars in Leo and he rose to fame sheerly from his outrageous appearance. Have fun with Halloween costumes, even if you just put some antlers on your head on the way to work. If you want to go all out, create your own Elvis, Prince, or Madonna costume. Better yet, create your own character and put yourself on You Tube. It may just go viral!

Mercury meets Venus in Scorpio

Venus and Mercury AlignOur communication planet and love planet meet every year or so and are close together for 2-9 days. This year they travel in tandem only one degree apart for 3 weeks. This is a time for thinking about and talking about love and intimacy.

Venus and Mercury begin their dance on October 27th  in the profound investigative and mega-sexual sign of Scorpio. We can learn that our beloved will value us, even when they know our big secrets or see our darkest shadow. They may or may not find our shadow acceptable, but they can stay loyal and loving anyway. 

Of course, self-acceptance and self-appreciation are the foundation for the ability to be deeply present and tolerant of someone else. If we are operating in reaction to old wounds, it is a good time to clean up the psyche, forgive and let go. Singles as well can benefit from discussions and insights about their desires for partnership. When we accept our shadow, the result is the following sign- Sagittarius. We move into the liberation of wisdom. 

Venus and Mercury will enter Sagittarius together on November 3 and they begin to separate out around November 17th.
The last time that Venus and Mercury were close together for three weeks was the end of June into July of 2005.  They were in the signs of Cancer and Leo. Can you remember learning a lot about how family patterning in childhood affected your creativity and freedom?

You may be able to see the two planets close together in the sky near dusk, although the astronomy website I researched said that they will be easier to spot in the Southern Hemisphere. South African readers, let me know if you see them!

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