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October 05 - Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, exaggeration and wisdom seeking changes its expression about once a year. On Tuesday, October 25th it will enter the sign of Scorpio. We will be expanding our belief systems about power, sexuality, mortality, and resources. Scorpio is an expression of urgent raw emotional power on the inside that guards itself with privacy and control on the outside. Scorpio represents our shadow, the parts of being human we would rather avoid or deny. We all have an opportunity in the next year to change on a deep psychological level if we have the courage and resolve to be honest about our primitive impulses. The reason for Scorpionic manipulation is a deep scary vulnerability- “Would I really be lovable if someone beheld all of me? We will all be craving intimacy, but will we really bare our souls in profound connection or will we try to capture and mesmerize someone else sexually or financially just to feel our own power? The choice is between emotional bondage and emotional bonding.

Scorpio also has a lot to do with cleansing falsehoods. Jupiter will have us investigating deeply to reveal truth. We will have to be careful to keep the mind in its rightful place as a useful tool. Under this influence the mind can take over, lose objectivity and become obsessive. The Mafia of the mind makes us pay and pay with worry, plotting, and planning until we are trapped and drained. The proper use of the Scorpio mentality is a deep perception that communicates in a profound way.

Ultimately, Scorpio is concerned with mortality. The awesome fact is that we are powerless when it is our time to die. Information, preparation and prevention do not change that fact. We have to surrender to our fragility and trust life anyway the best we can. Then we can gain the power and lucidity of appreciating the moment we are in. When we are honest about our deep emotions but stay detached from their drama, the release leaves us at peace. Under the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio we can purge the falsehoods that limit our self- love. Are you settling for something that is “just killing me” and enduring a little death of your spirit every day? Is it a fear of change or an attachment to the payoffs? People with a strong Scorpio signature in their birth charts lose the things they most want to possess and go through agony over and over until they realize, “You know, I thought I couldn’t live without him/her/it but I’m still here and I’m stronger than ever.” Ferocious passionate gratitude is the greatest pleasure of all.

Scorpio represents crime on all levels, petty, organized and governmental. Investigative journalism will unearth some big secrets, while other heinous acts will never be revealed of proven. Scorpio corresponds with elimination and regeneration. We have ignored the waste products of our luxurious industrialization and the oceans have thrown our shit right back at us. Cleaning the toxic messes will lead to new public policies and legislation about economic and humanitarian priorities. Right to die and gender rights issues are already on the dockets and ballots.

Use this time to examine your motives and release toxic shame or self- destructive behaviors, particularly in your sexual life. Love stirs up anything unlike itself. The bottom of the compost pile is the place where the alchemy takes place. What we face and forgive can turn into the food for a magnificent resurrection of power in truth. The journey into shadow is an initiation into a life focused on higher consciousness.

Some of the beautiful dark tales that came out in the movies the last 2 times Jupiter was in Scorpio (1993 &1982) are: The Piano, The Unforgiven, Silkwood, Missing, The Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, Philadelphia Story, Sophie’s Choice, and Dead Man Walking.

Lest we forget, although it was a year early, there was the moment in Basic Instinct that made Sharon Stone a star. Sharon has her Jupiter, Moon, and Neptune in Scorpio.

“We are driven by 5 genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.” - William Glasser

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury goes retrograde from November 14th through December 3rd. It is a time when communications, connections, transportation and electronics go afoul.

Expect misunderstandings, mistakes, and delays that require patience. Don’t buy electronics or cars or install new software. Back up your computer hard drive before it starts. Don’t initiate sales campaigns or send things out for publishing or begin couple’s therapy. It is a good time to go within and integrate the wisdom you have gained since last August. Re-read a classic of literature or a spiritual book that you have been meaning to get back to.


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