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October 2006

Dear Friends,

Thanks for sending this newsletter on to people who might enjoy it. The article is long - be sure to keep reading till you get to the announcement of Mercury Retrograde, October 28th.

Oh, Blame it on Midnight - Oh, Shame on the Moon
Between October 23 and 28th there is a mega-cluster of 6 planets in the sign of Scorpio. Included is a joining of Venus and Mars at 0 degrees of Scorpio. I wrote about the Venus Mars conjunction in Scorpio back in December of 2004 and I’m reprinting it here. This year the energy will be even more intense. Zero degrees represents a birthing; it is the most innocent fresh expression of the attributes of Scorpio. On October 25th ask that a new paradigm for sexuality and power based on our beautiful natural instincts emerge. Here is the reprint:

Scorpio is the “Uh-Oh, Here comes trouble and it sure looks good” sign. It has to do with surrendering control over deep emotions, sexuality, and shared financial resources. Its ultimate lesson is the correct use of power to cleanse and regenerate us. Being turned inside out can be thrilling and gain us a lot of spiritual mileage, but it can also throw us into agonies of fear, abandonment, or rage.

The greatest powers in the world are the life force, which flows through us and makes babies, and the mystery of death, over which we are totally powerless. Therefore Scorpio has a lot to do with sex and mortality. Venus joining Mars represents the birth of new desires for social relations, sexuality, and mutual creations.

Why do people get so bent out of shape about sex? It is because when they surrender in utter vulnerability they often give their power to the other person. Ideally, you would surrender your power to the holiness of the moment and the glory of deep human experience. There is a kind of relief in being naturally primitive. Snapping back into protection of this vulnerability and the terror of trusting another human being leads us into manipulation or sometimes running away. When we are mesmerized by the other person it is Mother Nature’s beautiful and pleasurable strategy for continuing the gene pool and it is very effective. But ultimately our partners fail to deliver the utter acceptance and intense attention that we crave. Then the coercion starts. Add the way money tangles around sex and various cultural distortions, and we can end up in quite a swamp.

Often we use love (or deprivation and avoidance of love) dramas as a decoy to keep us occupied so we can avoid stepping into our world purpose. We don’t have to walk through life alone. Scorpio teaches us that mutual sharing and support from each person’s inner strengths can forge a cooperation that accomplishes much more as two than the separate efforts of one plus one.
When you surrender to Universal love and treasure yourself you can be discerning about your attractions and choices. We can be available for the sweet mysteries and ecstasy that the passionate life offers. Loving anyone in any role can seem risky. It is the stuff of Greek tragedies and Shakespearian masterpieces. Wrestling with our deep shadow gives life a depth, richness, and intensity. Ultimately we become more grateful to have the privilege of being alive.

Love comes to town
I’m gonna jump that train
When love comes to town,
I’m gonna catch that flame

-B.B. King

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
Mercury, the Communication Planet, already entered Scorpio on October 3rd. It turns backward (in appearance) from October 28th until November 18th. All in all we are working with this energy for 10 weeks until Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 7th. Mercury in Scorpio is the most deeply perceptive use of the mind. It is the signature of the investigator or the researcher. There is an emotional tone to it. The mental focus can have so much power that we become fixated on an idea or obsessed by a situation.

Constantly reviewing your judgements, fears, and complaints can dig you into a deep hole of despair. All thoughts are arbitrary. Feel the difference between taking things personally or letting go. You can observe the mind like it is a baby pet. It is a nuisance you can maintain with love. You don’t have to let it take over your life. Sure, sometimes you have to set boundaries or make decisions but how often are you just sweating the small stuff? Cultivate a trust in your intuition. Try fixating on gratitude lists and use the mind to move you into expansion, joy, and satisfaction.

In retrograde, we can make a deep inquiry into our connections with people and take accountability for our assumptions, withholds, secrets and intrigues. The energy is well used for deeply intimate conversations. You have to reach a truly centered and loving place within yourself first. You have to be impeccable about revealing information that would harm someone else and you don’t want to dump your emotional dramas on them either. You also must choose a time that is good for both people. Use this time to think from your heart and love with your mind.



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