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October - Relationship Redux

This month there are three different factors in the planets emphasizing relationships. Our backdrop is the planet of determination, maturity and discipline, Saturn, in Libra, the sign of marriage. Saturn started influencing this function last November and it will continue until October of 2012.

Many people are taking on the search for love as a project. Others are determined to repair their partnership. Some are celebrating their longevity as a couple. Others are feeling critical of their love alliance.

Saturn can show us our fears and restrictions. Some will grieve about their losses in love or reconnect with "the one who got away". It is a time to get real and to play fair in the game of love.

On October 3 Venus and Mars connect and start a new cycle in the fervent sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of passion and profound intimacy. It also relates to money and favors exchanged in a love union.

Terrence DashonThis dynamic symbiosis of masculine and feminine will amplify desires. Scorpio also represents the "shadow" or primitive side of life. We launch new explorations into the power, mystery and taboos of sexuality. This sign can lend a serious or brooding tone to love.

Venus and Mars joined in the sign of Scorpio in 2002 and produced dark movies such as "Chicago", "The Hours", "Unfaithful", and "Talk To Her". Take a look at the ways you control your heart expression all the way from sexual anorexia to love addiction. This territory is very tender and you have an opportunity to experience the freedom of forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others.

Explore you inner landscape and be honest. When you honor your relationship with yourself you can open to sharing your love with others. Turn any problems into projects until the influence changes in late May of 2011.

Venus Retrograde
October 8

On October 8 Venus, in appearance goes backwards for six weeks until November 18th. Your hot item from the previous weekend may undergo scrutiny. We enter a naturally introspective time and we will have less energy for socializing. You may want to take a breather if you are dating. Unfinished business about love and sexuality can be addressed. Former partners may reappear.

Take an inventory of your attitudes and behaviors in the past and upgrade your thinking and relating. If we approach this time with consciousness we won't act out and we can achieve freedom as balance in love. Venus is also associated with beauty and the arts. The optimum time for purchases, decorating, and beauty treatments is after November 18th. Delay your holiday parties until then as well.

Special Reading Incentive

I was born with Venus in Scorpio. I am the love detective.

  • Do you recycle past betrayals and complaints with your partner?
  • Are you expecting the shoe to drop or walking on eggshells with your beloved?
  • Do you regret giving away too much of your energy?
    Were you pissed all summer and now feel disillusioned?
  • Do you wonder how to upgrade your attractions to someone who is optimum for you?
  • Would suggestions about fresh playgrounds satisfy your desire to fulfill your own life?
  • How can you entice that partner away from the computer screen?
  • Are you projecting old scenarios onto a current person?

Let's invent your future into magnificence and love power now!

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