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Harmonic Concordance- November '03

Harmonic Concordance Eclipse
On Saturday November 8 there is a rare configuration of planets in the sky forming a six pointed star. In astrological terms that is a Grand Sextile. I usually refer to a sextile(60 degrees apart) relation of planets as aiding and abetting each other or bringing easy opportunities. This weekend there are 5 planets and one influential asteroid harmonizing with each other all around the bowl of the sky. Two triangles are intersecting. One is in the element of Earth: solid action taking its time, planning, responsibility, groundedness. The other triangle is in the element of Water: emotion, intuition and heart connection. Both of these Elements represent the more receptive feminine side of life. It is like a compassionate, calm, solid foundation.

The six pointed star was a symbol for the reign and lineage of King David of the Old Testament of the Bible. It is said that he was born at the time of a Grand Sextile of the planets. David was a singer-songwriter who raised sheep organically in the hill country of Judah. He had great versatility, talent, and good luck. God spared him from attacks by a lion and a bear while he was watching the flocks. He was brave (killed Goliath when everyone else was chicken), but he was also very compassionate with the little lambs and he wrote beautiful psalms. There is a story about his integrity. He told a lie to his family, but then he admitted his error and took accountability for his actions. Would that all our leaders could have strong character and balance of masculine and feminine sides.

Over the years I have read the birth charts of only 2 or 3 people who have 5 points in sextile in their horoscope. They all are very gifted and life has gone well for them so take advantage of this time and use it as a launching pad of opportunity and well being. Notice and celebrate what is working for you. You can read about all kinds of esoteric details relating to the Harmonic Concordance on the web at <http://www.astrosite.com/> It is a good night to join people around the world who are praying, chanting and meditating when the eclipse is total (7:14 pm Central Standard Time) The Sun Moon opposition within the star is related to a monster very difficult Grand Cross eclipse that happened in August of 99 so you might look for resolutions now of ways you felt crucified that summer.

I must go a bit deeper in explaining the energy of November 8, and this week before to week after, so you won’t feel inadequate if you consciousness doesn’t ascend to a higher plane. Harmonic Concordance eclipse is really a contradiction in terms because total eclipses of the moon can be emotionally unsettling particularly when the eclipses are on the Scorpio/Taurus axis. This happens only every 9-10 years. The mysteries and power of death and regeneration are foremost in our minds and biological rhythms as the seasons change. Most cultures mark this time for honoring the ancestors and acknowledging that the veil between spirit and matter is thin. The full moon lunacy that we feel every month is exaggerated by the eclipse while the sun is in the “depth bomb” sign of Scorpio.

More disturbance may be in store for this eclipse day because Uranus, the rebel rousing planet stations (changes direction) at that time and it is clashing with Mercury, the communication planet. Uranus right now is detached, stubborn, and bursting to risk and change. Mercury is expressing itself in controlled, smoldering, intriguing Scorpio. I would tell you to watch your smart mouth, but you will be compelled to argue and object. This is a stubborn, intolerant combination. Instead of being angry, be brilliant and recognize that you aren’t the only brilliant one. Uranus finishes its journey through Aquarius on December 30. Many unexpected events and outcomes will continue to happen until then. I have noticed people really seeking idealistic community lately. That is the best use of the energy.


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