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November 2006

To Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before
How are you doing with your soul searching and wrestling with demons? We still have 2 weeks of intense Scorpio energy affecting us. If you have had dreams of tornados, feces, creepy-crawlies, nuclear destruction, swamps, etc., you are right on time.

In last month’s newsletter I emphasized the sexual aspects of this Scorpionic month. We are also probing the most complicated emotions in the human realm: secrets, taboos, manipulations, betrayals, and the like. It can be a daunting task to face the ways you are enslaved or how you sell yourself to the devil. You have an opportunity to go beyond your fixations and victim identifications, so hang in there. Go deep and take responsibility for yourself. You may have made decisions about life between age 16 and 18 that still affect you now. Examine them for their truth and relevance now. In all the myths about a descent into the underworld the hero or heroine comes back out. The reward is the power of an integrated psyche.

After November 22, many planets begin their entry into the sign of Sagittarius. The most important one is Jupiter- the archetype of expansion and exploration. Jupiter is “at home” and strongest in this sign. You will probably feel viscerally a blazing star at the end of the tunnel before Thanksgiving.

We will cover a lot of territory in the coming year and enjoy the ride. Jupiter energy is optimistic, humorous and enthusiastic. It is a search for freedom. We will be taking risks and landing on our feet. Spiritual seekers will glory in new steps in the quest for a conscious life directed by soul. You will cut through life with a flaming sword of truth. Dust off your luggage, you will want to travel several times in the next year. When you open your world to new environments, you open your mind to new concepts. Rent the movies, “Motorcycle Diaries“, “Thelma and Louise“, “The Last Samurai“, or “Out of Africa” to get inspired.

Sagittarius is bountiful and we will tend to over-exert, over-indulge, and over-spend. The best party weekend of the Christmas Season is December 8-9 when the moon is in showy, creative Leo. The days will be merry and bright. You will make an ass of yourself at the company party but no one will care. In next month’s newsletter I will report on how a mega-cluster of planets in Sagittarius in mid-December will affect each sign.


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