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Dear Friends,

I am so grateful for your wonderful testimonies on FindAnAstrologer.com. I feel so honored that my passion for astrology provides my livelihood. Lets all put a lot of meaning into this coming Thanksgiving holiday.


Saturn Square Pluto

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live can bear with almost any ‘how’.”
-Viktor Frankl

As I write, the two heavies of the zodiac, Saturn and Pluto are clashing with each other. These two planets were juxtaposed at the time of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. They interface about every 8 years, so some transits are more dramatic than others. In Astrological cycles it is time to take responsibility for the events and reactions of “911”. Thus we have all the issues surrounding the Fort Hood shootings. Without condoning his actions, we must have a national conversation about the effects of prejudice, war and violence in our world. More events will bring accountability back to Al-Qaeda as well.

When Saturn squares Pluto we deal with coercion, threats, and loss of faith. Think back to your personal life in 2001-2002. There was some kind of authority that threatened your security and you had to stand up in your self respect. If you adopted the stance of a victim and did not grow through your challenge, an echoing issue may confront you in the next 2 years. Pluto symbolizes power, death, and the seamy side of  life. It can make our fears loom large. When we face stark situations we learn how much strength we actually have and ultimately can trust ourselves more. We are humbled, and hopefully have a greater appreciation for the gift of life.

The PianistBack in 2001 and 2002 some stunning movies reflected the themes of these 2 planets. Monster’s Ball dealt with the racism and grief of a death- row prison guard who falls in love with a black woman. The Pianist is a true story of an escapee from the Nazi holocaust. Talk to Her was a Spanish movie about men who love 2 women who are hospitalized in comas as a result of accidents. These disturbing heart-wrenching movies showed brutality, prejudice and tragedy. Their ultimate message was upliftment from the power of love, friendship, and the beauty of art. In both Monster’s Ball and Talk to Her we come to have compassion for characters that are cruel or perverse. We care about tortured souls who have done unforgivable things and we appreciate their efforts to transform. With this kind of forgiveness we are truly carrying the light.

The Buddhist tradition has a loving kindness meditation called “Metta” where first you wish for yourself, then someone you care about, and then someone you hold in judgment.

May you be at peace. May your heart remain open. May you awaken to the light of your own true nature. May you be healed. May you be a source of healing for all beings.

Saturn Enters Libra

Saturn Enters LibraWe recently entered a 2 ½ year period where we are faced with the maturity, discipline and perseverance required for cooperation in relationships. Libra represents all kinds of relating, even the relationship with yourself. But, it particularly corresponds to long-term love relationships. Many people will be examining and evaluating their marriages. Others will choose lifelong commitment. It will not be based on fluff, playlists, or initial heat. Some people will feel their isolation very keenly or want to socialize with a more intimate crowd. There is a temptation to feel misunderstood. It is a great opportunity to learn about honest healthy boundaries with others. If you are feeling disappointed with your relations, examine the ways that you chose these people or allowed the situation to develop. Our most important relationship is the relationship with ourselves. Cultivate your self-love. Saturn will be bringing structures for justice, fair play and respectful rules. Thus, it is often a time for progress in truces and peace treaties.


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