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Remember that the gift of an astrology reading can be  a significantly useful event that continues to bless you loved one long after the holiday season is over.

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How Do You Spell Relief?

On November 18, expect a burst of energy. This fall has been characterized by hiding out, misgivings, tweaks and re-runs in our social life. Hopefully it has been a valuable cleanse that touched on some tender places. As always, we come back to the truth – “I have satisfaction and joy when I nurture and respect myself.” Now we can be set to look ahead and share the wisdom we gained from our self-confrontation as Venus retrograded in Scorpio. It back-tracked all the way into Libra, goes direct on the the same day as the abundance planet, Jupiter.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, (I said that because Sagittarius is associated with horses), The communication planet, Mercury, collides with the action planet Mars on November 20th in the sign of Sag. This can be a real smart mouth combination that could spur some interesting discussions or maybe fiery tempers. Use the energy with enthusiasm for learning differing points of view or sharing wisdom. Keep in mind that other people carry their own opinions and be good natured about your differences.

Gabriel Garcia BernalMexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal instantly became a star when he played an exuberant adolescent in the movie Y Tu Mama Tambien. He was born with Mars and Mercury togrther in Sagittarius. In Motorcycle Diaries he portrayed the young Che Guevara on a road trip across South America. What a perfect role for someone with this signature of the thirst for life experience.

Does this guy look fun, or what? Sagittarians are well known for their joy and love of risks. He has made other movies about provocative topics and he will continue to be a profoundly moving actor as he matures.

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