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Have happy peaceful fun holidays! Thanks for all your interest and trust this year. I have just released a CD of my Predictions Through 2012 talk. You can ORDER A COPY HERE.

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident…
Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

Have you felt an intense driven focus lately? We are experiencing an “over the top” combination of expansive Jupiter and profound Pluto joining in the sign of Sagittarius. It is exact on Tuesday, December 11. Jupiter represents laws, international relations, publishing/media, and the search for wisdom. It is the life function of discovery and truth seeking. Pluto represents power and we feel it as a sweeping concentrated relentless force. It transforms by cleansing, annihilation, and then regeneration.

This planetary coupling is associated with high finance. It is a common signature in the horoscopes of billionaires. If you have a newborn this December, “Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” They will need loving limits and structure because they are born to break such things. There are usually giant corporate mergers or take-overs when this influence is present. Great risks often bring great gains, but be wary with your tendency to overextend or speculate financially. Within a month, both planets change signs into realistic, cautious Capricorn. Capricorn requires true value and disciplined staying power.

Pluto rules the shadow side of life. He was, after all the God of Hell. It can bring organized crime, secrets, and exploitation. Pluto is associated with deadly yucky things like decay, viruses and nuclear power. I knew this transit was coming and I had feared a nuclear accident or aggression. I was relieved that it brought an “outing” and direct publication of the National Intelligence report revealing that Iran stopped developing nuclear bombs. There may still be news of a pandemic flu this week.

With powerful international regulations and optimism indicated by this transit, it is hopeful news for the UN Conference on Climate Protection, which is currently meeting. The planets indicate a time for a whole new philosophy. Maybe that will be “Earth First”.

Jupiter and Pluto met in Sagittarius in 1832. There was a reform bill passed in the British Parliament that reduced the power of the House of Lords and gave ordinary citizens more influence in the House of Commons. We have operated with “lower class” nations and “upper class” nations for a long time. Maybe this division will be forced to change by the Plutonian climate disasters that are already happening. You can visit the website www.algore.org if you want to sign a petition to call on the U.S. government to cooperate with the rest of the world on this issue.

Philosophy is also the mother of religion. It is significant that a fundamentalist minister is seeking presidential power. Issues of religious fanaticism and the need for tolerance and acceptance of other cultures will continue.

In our private lives we are having a moment of truth, and observing personal laws that rule our behavior and reactions. It is a time for new concepts and that may be very exciting or very difficult. It is best to be kind to ourselves as we scrutinize old beliefs and say “What was I thinking?”. Or, we may feel lost, not knowing what to believe. It is just a part of life for new “grounds-of being” to appear. That is the gift of Sagittarius, approach it with eyes and heart wide open. If you encounter a new spiritual teaching or teacher, be sure they support you as the source of love’s power. Aim for high principles and ideals and let the gypsy in your soul lead you.

“Truth is a tendency” R. Buckminster Fuller



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