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Thanks for sharing this Newsletter with anyone who might be interested. Please remember that an Astrology reading can be a great holiday gift that will keep you out of the traffic. Blessings to all of you for this season of “Peace on Earth”.


Darth Vader: I am your Father. “The Empire Strikes Back”

We had a sneak preview of this energy from the end of last January through the middle of June. I wrote about it in broad terms in the January newsletter, which is archived here. Now, from November 26 until the year 2024 this planet of sweeping change will be affecting the massive structures and institutions of our societies. This article will detail how it might affect you personally. Read the entry for your Rising Sign (outer personality point) as well as your Sun sign. Remember, fifteen years is a long time and this is a background energy. Stay in “The Now”!

Capricorn- Pluto in your dominant sign is a once in a lifetime lollapalooza. Don’t try to put new wine into old wineskins. It is time to show up as a force to be reckoned with. You usually prefer cautious preparation, but you will approach something boldly. You may have to put some dignity aside and fight to have a voice and be respected in your world.

Sagittarius- “Show me the money” will be your driving motivation. It is not really about your cash, it is about your self-worth. You love to play, but is time to build some security. You can still manage to enjoy that! Cut your losses and use your brilliant mind and broad experience to offer the world something of true value.

Scorpio- It is time to set boundaries, not for a power play, but for mutual respect. That is hard for someone who is used to strategizing to prevail. Some event will reveal the one of your secrets and you will have to speak from integrity. You will find out that you are more like everyone else than you think.

You may have a profound interaction with a lost or disowned sibling.

Libra- Your family, or the customary ways of your heritage may seem like the rotten core of a bad apple. But, you grew up on that that tree just like they did. If you transmute your worst influences, you may establish a sense of safety deeper than your charm has ever gained for you. Libra loves to be in denial, but you won’t be able to whitewash this fence.

Virgo- You will be compelled to look up from that computer screen or vacuum cleaner and express joy in the life around you. This includes sex. You will get to the roots of the anxiety you feel when the picture frame is crooked and probably grieve for a lifetime of lost opportunities to play. Children will be great teachers for you. Find a way to be around them.

Leo- Humility has never been your strong suit, but you are going to work hard for the good of the whole shebang, beyond personal recognition. It is also time to purify your body and pay attention to its signals. You can always wear some glamorous spandex duds, but you will find that actually working up a sweat and eating your veggies is better than worrying.

Cancer- You will find out about need and repulsion, coercion and cooperation from your closest significant other. If you are currently mate-less, that long lost love may haunt you. A new person may take you down a rabbit hole and turn the mirror right onto your face. When you really accept yourself and trust yourself, you can discern who is best to trust, and may even be able to surrender.

Gemini- You have an androgynous quality and like to flirt with everyone, but you are going to delve into the nature of overwhelming desire. You can’t laugh this one off, it is the life force surging through you. Or, it might be that urge that makes people want to get laid the night after a funeral. You, the flibberty-gibbet, will-o-the wisp may get concerned with stashing away money for your old age.

Taurus- You may be chagrined that after years on the spiritual path, your fall-back belief or teacher seems like a sham. You will be down to square one with your concepts, and even though you like to take your time about change, you will open up to ways that other people live. Let a sojourn to other lands be a gathering of information, not a geographic cure.

Aries- You are going to be center stage so you'd better be in a career that fires your passion. You will have to watch your arrogance because you will have a lot of power to exert. You love to expend energy, but this time you will have to stick with something until it is well built and operating at peak performance.

Pisces- You have cared about people at a one-to one level. You are the most compassionate sign when you are not self-absorbed. Now others will come into your life and goad you into participation. You will be out of the garret and interacting with a different crowd. It is time for new vision and strong action toward your place in humanity.

Aquarius- Your usually frosty heart is going to break over something. You were born to have great social and political ideals and you relish gathering people for a purpose. Now you will be drawn to associate with the down-trodden and face a vulnerability that is foreign to you. You, of all people, will need to slow down and seek some solitude to cope with it. What you find in your own heart is a crucial piece to helping the world.


C-3PO: Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. Han Solo: Never tell me the odds.
- The Empire Strikes Back

Recently, (November 16) Mars started its once every 2-½ year passage through Sagittarius. This sly playful masculine energy is in a “Billy the Kid” position. It reminds me of the cocky seductive thief, J.D. that made Brad Pitt a star in the role in Thelma and Louise. Brad has Sagittarius rising in his chart. This is a time to break some rules and have some fun. After all the economic tension since this summer the holiday parties may seem like the Roaring Twenties. Use this time to think new thoughts. Look at the Giant picture and focus on the possible gifts from all the changes in society. Between December 11 and 28th the energy might get explosive in world news. Don’t focus on anger. Blow your mind with intelligent optimistic conversation instead.


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