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Dear Friends,

I trust that you are enjoying a loving holiday season. With Mercury Retrograde, be sure that you take quiet time to find "All is Calm, All is Bright" within your own heart.


Capricorn Compilation

Early in the week of December 13 and 14 is an intense period in the heavens. Three planets come together in the serious productive sign of Capricorn. One is the "Messenger" Mercury which affects mental, communicative, and transportation functions. Mars the "Warrior" is action, initiative, and anger. Pluto the "Terminator" is the challenging laser beam planet of power and transformation.

We may exchange insistent or perhaps forceful words. Some deep investigation is possible. Define your convictions and be conscious to stay cooperative. Pluto is the planet that unearths secrets and cleanses corruption. I believe the news story about WIKI Leaks fits these archetypes. In politics there may be ultimatums exchanged and obstinate positions taken. Mercury is retrograde so watch for false assumptions and ask questions. 

Pluto combined with Mars can be very sexy or very angry. Your seduction or one-up-man-ship will come from impressing the other person. We can take this time for a mature practical examination of our careers and our relations to the government and any other authority in our lives. Take action steps to enhance your life's mission.  It is not time for marketing activities until  after Mercury goes direct on the December 30th. If you can wait, after January 22 there is stronger clarity of action and responses.

Anthony HopkinsThe sign of Capricorn represents the mastery gained from rigorous accomplishment. It is orderly and likes to prepare and to plan. Capricorns like to read the instructions. The sign is reserved, and, if fear-based, can be gloomy, although people with strong Capricorn in their chart often have a marvelous dry wit. The British actor Sir Anthony Hopkins has the Sun and Rising sign in Capricorn. He has played stern dignified roles such as the frosty butler in The Remains of the Day and the father of a Western ranch dynasty in Legends of the Fall. Like these characters, Capricorns stand tall for something substantial and noble. The energy can also be aloof and rigid. During this week aim for the nobility.

In the biographical movie Shadowlands Hopkins played the distinguished Oxford professor C.S. Lewis whose heart cracked open when his young vibrant wife contracted cancer and died. He came to love her young son and he wrote the children's book series The Chronicles of Narnia.

A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you're looking down, you can't see something that's above you. - C.S. Lewis

Mercury Retrograde

December 10th -30th

Mercury started its retrograde (appearing to go backwards) on Friday December 10 and moves forward on December 30. The New Years celebrations will be a relief.  Let your internal feeling of self respect guide your perspective. Be patient with mix-ups with messages, plans, documents and travel. December 18 Mercury retreats into the sign of Sagittarius. Re-visit spiritual teachings that inspired you in the past. Let your wisdom inform and inspire your career. It will be in Sagittarius until January 13th. Appreciate diverse traditions from many cultures and nationalities. We all thirst for the Light and carry the Light! Trust our promise of Peace on Earth.

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